Meet Becky

Becky Flowers, MSW, RCSWI

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Specializing in:

  • Executive Function Skills
  • Trauma Healing and Creative Expression
  • Neurodiversity
  • Gifted People

Becky Flowers is a registered clinical social work intern, coach, and teacher.  Her area of research is the intersection between neurodiversity, trauma healing, executive function skills, mind-body therapies, and creativity. She has Masters Degrees in Social Work and Fine Arts. She is currently completing a Ph.D. in transpersonal psychology and creating online courses in executive functioning, trauma healing, and spirituality. In her free time, she is a practicing artist and a nature enthusiast.

More About Becky…

My healing approach comes from my own struggles for wellness. It was a health crisis that brought me to my own deep psychological healing and inspired me to help others do the same. Finding very little relief in western allopathic medicine, I set out to find a way to understand and heal my own body-mind complex.

Psychology has underscored all of my work in adult life, as a teacher, artist, and life coach. From these three processes, I have gained most of my insights. From my art practice, I learned how to hold a strong vision, invent something from nothing, and recruit the help of others in the service of an idea. From my work as an educator and life coach, I gained an understanding of the emotional and psychological barriers to achievement and how to hold space for others.

 After studying several modalities of energy healing, I focused primarily on shamanic approaches and worked with altered states of consciousness in hypnotherapy and breath work.  I also furthered my study of the mind-body connection in somatic psychology and therapeutic creativity.

Currently,  I am pursuing continuing education in a PhD in Integral and Transpersonal Psychology and Seminary School while creating programs that encapsulate my basic vision for healing, from the literal to the energetic.  

 I currently reside in St. Petersburg, FL,  and spend most days working on my manuscripts, my art, my continuing studies, and my great big wonderful gift of a life. I am eager to help you find yours.

Becky is a registered intern, therefore, we are not able to submit claims to any insurance carriers. Her rates are, however, reduced.

Beckys Rates:

Individual Counseling Session:  $125

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