About Laura Hensley

About Laura Hensley

Laura Hensley, Counselor, LMHC


At mid-career, I wondered – what had gone wrong? I’d started grad school with excitement and an absorbing interest in the subject of psychology. I envisioned a professional practice that would let me delve deep into my true human potential, and help my clients do the same. But over time, my career dreams were drained by numbing daily routines, dispiriting institutional constraints, and what seemed practical for financial planning purposes.

All of this was at odds with my core beliefs about who I am, and the passion I feel for giving what I have to the world.  What to do? At this critical moment, and with the help of a really good therapist, I discovered an approach to not only my work life but my whole life – a way of accessing my hidden wisdom, my true expressive self, that vast creative part of me that knows a great deal about what I want and truly need.

Through Expressive Arts therapy and personal practice, I find and make meaning, develop my own personal mythology, and gain confidence and connection to myself and others. I offer this same opportunity to Integrative Counsel clients by way of multimodal creative exploration of your intentions, goals and heartfelt desires!

Now offering a blend of EMDR and expressive arts therapy! The cross-over of these two therapies is a rich and healing experience.  For more information, click here.

Regarding the power of myth in the counseling process: 

Universal across human culture, and from earliest time to now, is the presence of myth, legend, and the hero figure. These tales of high adventure, battling of forces, and ultimate, transcendent victory mirror in a precise way the courageous process of creative psychotherapy. The journey inward is one to seek, find, win and return with not only new awareness and skill but a profound sense of the meaning of one’s story, one’s own personal mythology. My job will be to come along as your encouraging guide and to “hold up the lamp,” so to speak, when the path seems dark.

Get to know Laura by reading more about her unique wisdom and personal insight.

Contact us today to find your perfect match. Laura specializes in Personal Mythology, Codependency, and a combination of EMDR and Expressive Arts Therapy.

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