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How Friendships Enrich Our Lives

For National Best Friend’s Day, we are celebrating the joys of friendship! Friendships enrich your life and your experiences in this world. They offer companionship, bring you joy, and help you grow. Some friendships are so strong that they outlive marriages, moves across the country, and even the relationships we have with our parents. It is all in the magic of platonic love, which is an incredibly special form of love that we share with our friends.

Platonic love is just as important as romantic love, if not more. It shows humans that deep love can exist outside of sexual and romantic attraction to one another. It is loving someone for who they are at their core, connecting with them, and developing a bond so strong that you feel like you have the ability to say any nonsense that pops into your head.

When we grow up and transition into adulthood, finding friends that truly get you are harder to come by. As adults, we naturally build up walls to protect ourselves from people with ill intentions. We learn that not everyone is who they say they are, not everyone loves you as much as you love them, and not everyone truly wants to see you succeed. It becomes difficult to break these barriers down and connect with one another, leaving us feeling unfulfilled and unsatisfied in our relationships. We need friendships to get through life–our marriages, our relationship with our parents and sibilings, etc. Without that healthy foundation in our friendships, it becomes difficult to live a healthy and fulfilling life.

A good, healthy friendship can change your life in so many ways. Friends teach you about yourself, and help develop a strong sense of self-awareness that many of us are lacking. We need some tough love every once in a while, and a true friend provides that guidance and understanding without abandoning the friendship altogether. We need someone who loves and cares for us deeply to “tell it like it is” so we can become a better version of ourselves and grow together. A lack of support leads to a greater chance of depression and anxiety. Investing in the loving, supportive friendships you have will greatly enrich your life and benefit you in the long-term. It is important to cultivate these platonic relationships in order to be the healthiest version of ourselves and to lead happier and healthier lives.

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