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How to Activate Your Creativity in Nature

Spending time in nature is the antidote to a creative blockage. Being outdoors enhances “high order thinking” (analyzing, evaluating, and creating) because the prefrontal cortex is no longer under a ton of stress.
Nature gives the brain that time to relax while sitting and taking in the scenery. This creates a serene, meditative feeling that allows the mind to wander and daydream. It is gentle and soft, and the sound of the leaves moving in the trees or the way the clouds look as they move across the sky are fascinating without overwhelming the mind. Entering this state of mind helps enhance our imagination and creativity, and there are so many ways to do this.
Start by taking a 10-minute walk. While on your walk, begin to see your surroundings as if you were a tourist seeing them for the first time. Allow your eyes to be drawn to items that “call you” – be it a twig, leaf, stone, or feather. Collect at least three items from nature and take them home with you. Create a small space in your home where you can put objects that give meaning to your life, and put the objects that you collected on your walk here.
Another simple way to activate your creativity in nature is to observe and allow yourself to be in awe. Just sitting and taking in a magnificent view relaxes your brain while not letting it go into autopilot. This leads to an “a-ha!” moment that expands your mind to all the creative possibilities.
Sitting with your thoughts and emotions while enjoying the magnificence of the outdoors helps activate your creativity. Allowing those thoughts and feelings to pass without shoving them down and being present with the way life flows around you is the best way to access the expressive part of your brain. Express, expand, and evolve with the mental and physical tools nature provides for you.


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