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Only one third of patients in treatment for mental illness are men. Why do so few men seek therapy? 

Men are socialized to repress most of their feelings, aside from rage, in order to fit with our societal definition of what manhood means. A boy who is emotionally vulnerable might live in fear of being labeled a “sissy” or any number of sexist or homophobic taunts meant to wound his masculinity, and that fear persists unconfronted in many men throughout their adulthood.

 Many men internalize this and assume that emotional vulnerability and communication are not compatible with the masculine archetype. In the pursuit of performing this role, they cut themselves off from vital elements of their own human experience, and close the door on the sort of insight and investigation we might find through therapy.

Men are told that our masculinity hinges on a very narrow and specific definition of strength. A definition that does not include asking for or deserving help, much less needing it. They are led to believe that their role is to give and provide. On its face, this belief may not appear to be toxic at all, but that is exactly what makes it so  challenging to confront.

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If you are a man struggling under the weight of mental illness, the most powerful and masculine thing you could do is take accountability for your pain by seeking the treatment of a professional. If you had a broken leg, you wouldn’t try to x-ray it and put a cast on it yourself, so why would you expect that your healing your mind would work any different?

It is hard work going to therapy, especially if you feel that you should be able to work through your difficulties on your own in silence, but it is much harder to go on through life carrying the burden of your past by yourself.

Integrative Counsel’s Approach

Integrative Counsel uses DBT, mindfulness techniques, as well as art and body based therapies to help treat anxiety. We also used a process called Integration, which helps you live an undivided life. It is a holistic approach that combines the brain, body, self, and relationships. We draw from many schools of learning, including psychology, neuroscience, creative and expressive arts therapies, Buddhism, and Shamanism. These are some of our favorite thinkers.

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You don’t have to take this journey alone. Integrative Counsel has lovely, kind therapists who can help you manage your mental health. To start your counseling journey, follow these simple steps:

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Counseling services at Integrative Counsel

Other mental health services Integrative Counsel provides are depression counseling, anxiety counseling, art therapy, improving codependency and boundaries, grief and life transition, accessing your body informed wisdom, and increasing mindfulness and awareness.

Our Guarantee To You...

When you book a consultation with one of our therapists, we guarantee you will have a genuine connection with your therapist, a tailored plan, and the time taken to deeply understand the current and historical nature of your concerns. We also guarantee that you will receive a robust toolbox of support with expertise in mindful, creative, and body-informed care. New tools will lead you to a new mindset.