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We Asked A Therapist: How Has Kindness Impacted You?

We asked our therapists about a time a random act of kindness really impacted them. Dayna reflected on a time where she needed to get her flat tire fixed. She says, “I was worried about how to get to and fro and the gentleman from the auto shop generously took me home and offered to pick me up from work!”

Worrying about transportation can be such an inconvenience and the gentleman easily and compassionately lifted this anxiety from Dayna’s shoulders. He knew he was able to help her and he followed through.

Another occasion she experienced a random act of kindness was at a restaurant. She was in a small predicament, needing to stop for food after a long day of presenting, and also having to be back in St. Pete by 2 to see her daughter perform in her violin concert. “We were rushed for time and the waiter quickly packed everything up and even gave us some silverware to take with us as they didn’t have to-go utensils.”

The size of these issues are minor compared to what some people experience day to day, however, they are tremendously helpful and make a huge impact on people. Experiencing these random acts of kindness sets an example and reminds us of what life is really about–taking time for others and not getting so lost in our own heads that we forget about other’s needs. An impromptu moment of generosity can help deepen our connection with other people and create a space where there is less hostility and more compassion.


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