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We Asked Our Team: What Women Inspire you?

Although International Women’s Day is behind us, I wanted to take some time to ask our team at Integrative Counsel what women in their lives inspire them most. 

Dayna is most inspired by her mother, who continues to teach her in a multitude of ways. Another lady she finds inspiring is Miki Agrawal, who is an innovator, entrepreneur, and values aestheticism and humor. She is the writer of the book Do Cool Shit, a mother, and a former professional soccer player. 

The most inspirational women in my life are my grandmother and my mother. They are amazing at what they do, are incredible leaders and teachers, and continue to encourage me to speak my truth and live my purpose. I am also inspired by Jada Pinkett Smith and her talk show Red Table Talk, where she brings in various guests from Hollywood who have different backgrounds to talk about their experiences and speak their own personal truths. Women who fearlessly encourage people to honor themselves are the most inspiring to me.

While all the women mentioned above are strong, ambitious leaders, that doesn’t mean that women who don’t classify themselves as strong or ambitious are any less valuable or inspirational. As long as you are a woman following your path and listening to the highest version of yourself, you are an inspirational woman.


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