Updated 2024: Counseling and Coaching Rates Schedule

Counseling and Coaching Rates

2024 update: Integrative Counsel is currently an in-network provider with commercial Humana plans and United Behavioral Health only (not United Healthcare plans or UMR plans.)

For your convenience, we will bill Humana and United Behavioral Health  directly. Co-pay is expected at the time of visit. If you are a member of a different insurance provider, a receipt can be provided so you can submit for out-of-network partial reimbursement. We also offer reduced package rates. (Please see below.)

  • Do I have “out-of-network mental health benefits” (outpatient and/or telehealth office visit)?
  • If so, do I need to meet my deductible first? (What is it?)
  • What % of the session is reimbursed? (What is the covered amount for CPT code 90837?)
  • Is approval required from my primary physician? (Pre-authorization?)
  • Are there any restrictions on the # of visits?
  • Is there co-insurance after my deductible has been met?
  • Is “telehealth” covered? (CPT code 90837-95)

If you want to use your “out-of-network” benefits, here is a list of questions to ask your insurance provider to determine your coverage:

determine your coverage

Book A Counseling Session

90-minute Session:   $250

Individual coaching:   $175 (55 min)

Coaching or Counseling

Dayna Wood

3 Sessions or more:   $125

Reduced Rates

Single Session:   $135 (55 min)

Individual Counseling

Quinn Smalley

3 Sessions or more:  $115

Couple’s Counseling

Single Session:  $125

3 Sessions or more:   $95

Single Session: $105 (55 min)

Individual Counseling

Michael Anthony

6 sessions $135×6 = $810 ($90 savings)

4 sessions $140×4 = $560 ($40 savings)

Reduced Rates

90-minute Session:   $220

Single Session: $150 (55 min)

Individual Counseling

Lauren Mishkin

Counseling Rates

Insurance may not reimburse for review of records, extensive phone consultation, or missed appointments.

This is merely an estimate and we cannot guarantee this is the final amount due.

What else should I know about the rates at integrative counsel?

Court appearance are $350.00 per hour.

How are court appearances charged?

Missed appointments are charged at the hourly rate.

How are missed appointments charged?

Minimal phone consultation or correspondence is no charge.
Extensive phone consultation or correspondence of more than 15 minutes is charged at the hourly rate at 15-minute intervals.

How is phone correspondence charged?

Review of records is charged at the hourly rate. Review of records includes the time spent reading past records and writing documentation on your behalf 

How will the review of my records be charged?

Frequently Asked Questions

If you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment, please give 24 business hours advance notice, otherwise, you will be billed at the hourly rate.

Our Cancellation Policy

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