noun:  a professional on a short-term contract with Integrative Counsel who offers a group and/or course and, therefore, access to their specialized expertise.

vis·it·ing pro·fes·sion·al (aka “Friend of Integrative Counsel”)

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The visiting professional (A.k.a Friend of Integrative Counsel) is similar to the concept of a visiting professor. A Visiting Professor is an educator or a scholar from a college or university who teaches for a short period of time at another college or a university. Typically, a visiting professor will teach for a few months to a year on a topic that is unique and valuable to the host university. Integrative Counsel is the “host university” and our Visiting Professionals are the “visiting professor.”   

A visiting professional at Integrative Counsel (whether it is as a clinician, coach, or artist) creates a group and/or course that highlights their special skill-set and interests. Integrative Counsel is dedicated to making mental wellness accessible and meeting you where you are at in your journey. The Visiting Professional is a way for us to provide you with access to affordable and high-quality groups and courses from experts in their fields.

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I am a coach for sensitive health professionals. As a nurse, MPH, and lecturer at medical campuses, such as Columbia University, I’m familiar with how daunting it can be to stay well and human in a demanding, money-driven, and hierarchical workplace. I offer workshops on inner and compassionate communication and 1:1 coaching for resonant healing. Resonant healing untangles traumatic memories that our bodies hold onto and allows for new brain neurons to grow which will create a kinder inner voice and self-love.

What fascinates me most about resonant healing is the ability to not only become aware of my own backpack and analyze what triggers me, but to actually release what’s hurting me and gets me stuck.

I offer 1:1 coaching online and in-person in Brooklyn, New York, where I live with a marathon-running husband, my 7-year-old daughter who is one big loveball, and the fluffiest of pups Pluto (who may ask for a snuggle during in-person sessions).

NURSE,MPH, Communication Coach

Carina Schmid





Reuniting with our families can be a test of everything we learn in therapy.

Yet it seems that family gatherings often leave us wanting to return to our old habits, and forgo using our toolkit altogether. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. It is possible to have positive interactions with our families while also maintaining our integrity. In this live workshop, Carina teaches you how to get through tense situations at holiday family gatherings with strength and authenticity. 

How to Authentically Survive Your Next Family Gathering Playback


​This bundle includes 7 modules by 9 visiting professionals who are women covering many of the stops on the journey of womanhood. Meant to be a treasure trove of wisdom you can watch again and again, this is for all women in all stages of life, and is also great for group work.

​The 7 modules are non-linear- because womanhood isn’t linear! Start where you want, take breaks whenever, and jump in to what lights you up. Wherever you are in your journey of womanhood is perfect. This bundle is for all women- anyone who identifies as a woman will find valuable information in this bundle.

The EMPOWER Course Bundle


Whether or not we learn how to be resilient in youth, it is something we all have access to. An adult can learn resilience just the same as a child would, and the benefits are one in the same. This offering is designed to give you the tools and wisdom you need to access your inner resilience and to get where you need to be on your journey. This mini-course is taught by Visiting Professional JP Horgan and includes a 30 minute video, an accompanying workbook and journal prompts.

The Power of Resilience Course

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