Somatic Therapy
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The physical body has high intelligence, constantly sending us information. In Western society, we tend to ignore the signals being sent until there is a major medical issue. If we learn to quiet down and tune in, there is a lot we can learn.

When you tune into your body’s wisdom, you can gain more present moment awareness, becoming more courageous, and connected. Once we can learn to validate our own internal emotional experiences, we become less scared of our body’s messages.

Somatic Therapy

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We have helped people who have felt the way that you do–unmotivated, and feeling triggered and stagnant.

Learning to tap into your body’s wisdom is a beautiful process.

It involves turning your awareness inward and becoming the “observer” instead of a prisoner to your emotions and behaviors. You take back your power by engaging in preventative physical and mental health practices, like attending regular appointments, feeding your body nourishing foods, and moving as your body was intended to move.

Somatic Therapy can help you tap into your body informed wisdom.

  •  Lack of motivation
  • Holding onto trauma and emotional wounds physically
  •  Feelings of stagnation in life
  •  Mental/Physical fatigue
  • Poor sleep routine
  • Being emotionally triggered without realizing the root cause

Signs there is a lack of body informed wisdom:

Lauren’s yoga-informed therapy and mindfulness techniques can help you work through the muck in your mind that causes you to feel out of touch with your true, joyful self. Michael specializes in Martial Arts and the Yin and Yang Energy connection. Mindfulness techniques and movement-based therapy can help you notice the sensations in your body, and become more comfortable with whatever emotions are there. Instead of letting the negative emotions imprison you, you will learn to make peace with them by having access to your inner world.

Lauren and Michael can help you tap into your body’s inner wisdom.

Lauren and Michael will provide you with a compassionate, non-judgmental space that will help you move out of your head and into your body so you can work through and release big feelings. They will give you the sacred space you need for exploration so that new insights about your unique situation can develop.

What is holding you back from beginning Somatic Therapy?

Our Approach

  1. Contact Integrative Counsel
  2. Meet with Michael, or Lauren
  3. Start the healing process

You don’t have to live with a lack of motivation, feelings of stagnation in life, or feeling emotionally triggered without knowing the root cause. Counseling can help you access your body-informed wisdom, which will help you heal those emotional wounds and unlock your true potential. Lauren and Michael specialize in body informed wisdom. To start your journey, follow these simple steps:

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