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Living with OCD can often feel like being held hostage by relentless, intrusive thoughts that exert control over your mind. Despite knowing these thoughts are irrational, they persist, trapping you in a cycle of rumination that feels impossible to break. These obsessions stubbornly resist reason, leading to the development of compulsions as a means of temporarily alleviating the distress they cause. Compulsions, akin to rituals, provide a brief respite from the obsessive thoughts, but they merely serve to perpetuate the cycle. Triggers reignite the obsessions, fueling an endless loop of obsession and compulsion.

At Integrative Counsel, we will help you delve into practical strategies aimed at quieting the amygdala, the brain's center for emotional processing, thereby gaining mastery over your emotional reactions. As you uncover your personal motivations and confront the root causes of your fears, you'll cultivate a deeper understanding of your why, igniting a powerful drive to confront and ultimately overcome them.

OCD Treatment

  • Fears around religion or blasphemy
  • Constantly seeking validation or reassurance
  • Avoidance
  • Repeatedly checking things
  • Excessively cleaning yourself or your home
  • Needing to know and remember things
  • Unwanted thoughts
  • Fear of contamination
  • Fear of harming self or harming others by accident

Symptoms of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Our counselors are dedicated to guiding you through a transformative journey, helping you reshape your relationship with anxiety from one of fear and worry to one of curiosity and understanding. Together, we'll embark on a process that empowers you to recognize anxiety as a natural part of life and approach it with a sense of openness and inquiry, rather than succumbing to your worries. Throughout our sessions, you'll learn invaluable techniques to strengthen your resilience and self-assurance, shifting your mindset from one of self-criticism to one that embraces the belief in your ability to handle whatever challenges come your way. By refraining from giving in to compulsions and behaviors that perpetuate the anxiety cycle, you'll gradually rewire your brain's response patterns, fostering a sense of calm and control. This journey of self-discovery and empowerment will not only bolster your confidence but also open the door to a world of new possibilities and opportunities, allowing you to embrace life with renewed vigor and enthusiasm.

Integrative Counsel’s Approach to OCD Therapy

Our Approach

  1. Contact Integrative Counsel
  2. Meet with Quinn for specialized OCD therapy
  3. Start the healing process

When you embark on your journey through counseling for OCD, you'll discover the empowering truth that you have the capability to manage your thoughts without feeling compelled to act upon them. This newfound understanding will enable you to untangle your identity from your intrusive thoughts, paving the way  to greater clarity. Armed with this self-awareness and confidence, you'll be better equipped to confront the challenges that lie ahead, free of OCD impeding your progress.

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