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With OCD, it can feel like your obsessive thoughts are controlling you, and you have no say over them. These thoughts are irrational, and you may consciously know that they are not true, however, it feels like your brain is stuck ruminating on them and can’t stop. These obsessions cannot be reasoned away, and what happens is because they cannot be reasoned away, you start to develop compulsions that keep the obsessions from taking over. Compulsions are like rituals, and they soothe the obsessive thought until something triggers it, and then it becomes an endless cycle of having obsessions and compulsions. 

OCD Treatment

  • Fears around religion or blasphemy
  • Constantly seeking validation or reassurance
  • Avoidance
  • Repeatedly checking things
  • Excessively cleaning yourself or your home
  • Needing to know and remember things
  • Unwanted thoughts
  • Fear of contamination
  • Fear of harming self or harming others by accident

Symptoms of Obsession:

Our counselors will help you learn how to change your relationship with anxiety to noticing versus believing in your worries. With that, you will begin to strengthen your "I can handle it" muscle and learn to be curious versus defaulting to your self-critic . You will learn to label anxiety and not give into compulsions and behaviors that reinforce the anxiety circuit in the brain, practice tools to quiet your amygdala, and understand your why by cultivating your personal motivation to face (and diminish/eradicate) your fears. This will increase your confidence and welcome new opportunities!

Integrative Counsel’s Approach to OCD Therapy

Our Approach

  1. Contact Integrative Counsel
  2. Meet with Quinn for specialized OCD therapy
  3. Start the healing process

When you begin counseling for OCD, you will learn that you can handle your thoughts without doing anything about them. You will come to understand and believe that it is safe to leave your thoughts alone and establish safety and security that are not based on thoughts. With that, you will begin to clarify your values and identify your hopes and desires in order to more confidently go toward your challenges without your OCD getting in the way.

Begin Therapy for OCD

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