Anxiety Treatment
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You don’t want to live this way anymore. You want to break through the heavy, dark clouds and find joy, purpose, and authenticity.

Looking for anxiety treatment? Anxiety is challenging because it can cause you to wake up every morning feeling exhausted, hopeless, or filled with dread and worry. You know you have to take care of yourself, but you just don’t know how to do so under the weight of your worries. You feel ashamed and guilty because you don’t feel like a productive member of society–and quite frankly, you don’t really want to be–not while you feel this way, at least. You’re so scared of the worst-case scenario you feel as if it has already happened, and you want to hide under the covers and sleep all day to avoid your anxiety.

Anxiety Treatment

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Counseling can help you cope with your symptoms, giving you the tools you need to be able to have a conversation with your anxiety and to challenge your negative thoughts. Having persistent, anxious thoughts are more common than you think. Our practitioners have been there and have experienced what its like to feel held back by the narrative that anxiety creates. We want you to know that there is hope and that you can learn to manage these uncomfortable feelings and live your life with a sense of playfulness and curiosity rather than dread and worry.

Our therapists can give you the tools you need to help you learn how to ground yourself in the present moment and to regulate your emotions when you feel overwhelmed and out of control.

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  • Feeling cranky or on edge
  • Avoidance
  • Overeating or loss of appetite
  • Persistent worry
  • Feeling panicky
  • Constantly feeling like something bad is about to happen

Symptoms of Anxiety:

Our approach at Integrative Counsel is an eclectic style of treatment that integrates the mind, body, and spirit. We combine creative, out of the box thinking with solid scientific research, so you get the best of both worlds. Our practitioners will create a treatment plan that is holistic and that caters to your individual, specific needs. 

Our Approach

  1. Contact Integrative Counsel
  2. Meet with Michael, Lauren, or Quinn
  3. Start your healing journey

Integrative Counsel has creative and personable therapists who focus on quality care and can help you manage your mental health concerns. Ready to begin your counseling journey? Here are the next steps:

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