27 million adults in the U.S. have mental health issues that are going untreated. We want to change that.

Develop a Toolbox of Creative Support With Help From the Experts.

Unlock Your Potential in Life Through Art and Body-based Therapies - Online or in Person.

Resources + Tools

Whether it's through our articles, workbooks, workshops, retreats, or coaching groups, we care deeply about giving you the materials you need to succeed. Equip yourself not only with what you need to survive, but the means to flourish and thrive. You can return to your birthright of imagination, strength, purpose, and meaningful connection. You can find inner stillness while actively responding to your daily responsibilities, and it is possible to embrace a fresh perspective to recharge your life and relationships.


Our therapists use creative, science-based methods to help self-leaders, like you, spark new meaning and fulfillment in your life and give you the tools to make positive, lasting change. Our team of experienced counselors have specialized knowledge in arts and body-based therapies and will guide you towards accessing your unique creative wisdom and unlocking your true potential through a process called integration. Integration for us means living an undivided life, where it is possible to align with your purpose.

Our Method

We are a multi-dimensional, multi-modal creative wellness brand. Our sights are set on making mental wellness as commonplace and necessary as flossing, and we dare that it can also be as fun, funky, creative, innovative, smart, and a little quirky - like you. We understand mental health and wellness beyond your symptoms and focus on the meaning and growth gained. We draw from many schools of learning, including psychology, neuroscience, creative and expressive arts therapies, body-based and Eastern philosophies.

spiral staircase to represent the counseling journey

Every journey has to start somewhere...

We're here to support you every step of the way.

 When you’re stuck in the status quo and the way it’s always been

 When you’re hearing the whisper of a new way of living

 When you’re denying the call to growth

 When you’re ready to find your guide

 When you’re standing at the threshold of new opportunities

 When you’re separating from your old patterns

 When you’re navigating the trials of growth

 When you’re returning and ready to leave a legacy

Our Guarantee

When you book a consultation with one of our therapists, we guarantee you will have a genuine connection with your therapist, a tailored plan, and the time taken to deeply understand the current and historical nature of your concerns. We also guarantee that you will receive a robust toolbox of support with expertise in mindful, creative, and body-informed care. New tools will lead you to a new mindset.

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