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Master your mind. Live and lead with impact.

You earned a good degree, landed a great job, and successfully checked off many of life’s “to do’s.” Despite an impressive list of accomplishments, you may still f­­­eel stressed, stuck, and unsatisfied. Breakthrough your personal performance ceilings by understanding that true competitive advantage begins with knowing yourself intimately; peak performance is the result. 

By understanding how the brain and mind work, you can create potent, positive change. Unconscious material, meaning that which your cortex (or “new brain”) is not aware of, is generated from powerful emotions from your past, before you had the psychological defenses to protect yourself. Insight is required to bring these into consciousness and change habituated behaviors. The goal is to make unconscious material (mindlessly directing your life) conscious, so you can intentionally create the life of your choosing and lead with maximum impact.

The Journey

Dayna Wood Leadership Coach

I’ve been there… I was tired, over-burdened, not myself, and missing something essential. Balancing life’s demands is no easy task. However, after learning and applying advanced awareness tools – based on core principles founded in neuroleadship and mindfulness – I was able to approach life with curiosity, creativity, potency, and fun. I delight in helping busy professionals and corporations improve creativity and innovation, and achieve their full potential. 

The other stuff…
I earned my Masters of Education and an Education Specialist degree, with a concentration in Mental Health Counseling. I hold a Certificate in Creative Arts Therapies from the New School in NYC and am a Registered Expressive Arts Therapist (REAT). As a licensed psychotherapist in New York and Florida, I have worked in several different industries including not-for-profit, healthcare, and entrepreneurial. Importantly, I’m an enduring student of the arts – dancing flamenco, playing with my Leica camera and devoted newbie to martial arts. I continuously find the creative process to be profoundly humbling and edifying. 

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