Create the life you love

Despite an impressive list of accomplishments, you may still f­­­eel stressed, stuck, and unsatisfied. It’s time to reclaim and rejuvenate your innate wisdom. At Integrative Counsel, we use creative, science-based methods to help busy professionals and leaders, like you, spark new meaning and fulfillment in your life and give you the tools to make positive, lasting change.

We specialize in depression and anxiety counseling, art therapy, grief and life transitions, co-dependency and boundary setting, accessing your body-informed wisdom, beating burnout, and helping you increase mindfulness and awareness.

We can help you access your creativity!

Our team of experienced counselors with specialized knowledge in arts and body-based therapies will guide you towards accessing your unique creative wisdom and unlocking your true potential. You can return to your birthright of imagination, strength, purpose, and meaningful connection. You can find inner stillness while actively responding to your daily responsibilities, and it is possible to embrace a fresh perspective to recharge your life and relationships.

We do this through a process called integration. Integration for us means living an undivided life, where it is possible to align with your purpose – personally and professionally. It also means paying attention to neglected parts of yourself. When we ignore the neglected parts of ourselves, we are more prone to inner conflict and self-sabotage. Becoming aware of your unconscious, negative habits helps you integrate your brain, body, authentic self, and your relationships. We draw from many schools of learning, including psychology, neuroscience, creative and expressive arts therapies, and Eastern philosophies.

Our Guarantee To You

When you book a consultation with one of our therapists, we guarantee you will have a genuine connection with your therapist, a tailored plan, and the time taken to deeply understand the current and historical nature of your concerns. We also guarantee that you will receive a robust toolbox of support with expertise in mindful, creative, and yoga-informed care. New tools will lead you to a new mindset.

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