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The path of integration…

You earned a good degree, landed a great job, and successfully checked off many of life’s “to do’s.” Despite an impressive list of accomplishments, you may still f­­­eel stressed, stuck, and unsatisfied. It’s time to reclaim and rejuvenate your innate creative wisdom. 

We do this through a process termed integration. Integration for us means many things. It means living an undivided life, where it is possible to align profession and purpose. It also means paying attention to neglected parts of you and harnessing the full power of your brain to intentionally create the life of your choosing. It is the integration of the brain, body, self, and relationships.

To give the best quality counseling, art therapy and leadership coaching, we draw from many schools of learning, including psychology, neuroscience, the creative and expressive arts therapies, Eastern philosophies, and Shamanism. These are some of our favorite thinkers.

All of our practitioners are experienced counselors who have specialty training in the creative and expressive arts therapies. We pride ourselves on our approachable and honest style paired with out-of-the-box thinking based on solid scientific research.

The path of integration balances the mind, which allows us to harness our inner creativity and collective consciousness. That balance lends itself to unimaginable potential, creating potent, positive impact .


Integrative Counsel’s mission is to provide exceptional counseling, art therapy, and leadership coaching services. We pride ourselves on our creative, science-backed practices that allow professionals and business leaders to overcome obstacles.  

We delight in helping foster the creation of your best life and are conveniently located in downtown St. Petersburg, FL. We offer secure online options and are committed to providing culturally competent services. Morning, afternoon, and evening hours available.

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