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Meet Michael Anthony, specializing in anxiety treatment, depression treatment, couple's and marriage counseling, grief and life transitions, therapy for men, mindfulness, meditation, martial parts, yin and yang energy connection, self acceptance, relationship issues
meet lauren mishkin, LMHC. Specializing in grief counseling, self regulation, co-dependency, recovery support, family of origin work, generational trauma, attachment parenting support, ADHD support
Meet Quinn Smalley, ATR-P, RMHCI. Specializing in art therapy, anxiety treatment, depression treatment, mindfulness, self perception issues, relationship issues, life transitions

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Every journey has to start somewhere...

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 When you’re stuck in the status quo and the way it’s always been

 When you’re hearing the whisper of a new way of living

 When you’re denying the call to growth

 When you’re ready to find your guide

 When you’re standing at the threshold of new opportunities

 When you’re separating from your old patterns

 When you’re navigating the trials of growth

 When you’re returning and ready to leave a legacy

Our Guarantee

When you book a consultation with one of our therapists, we guarantee you will have a genuine connection with your therapist, a tailored plan, and the time taken to deeply understand the current and historical nature of your concerns. We also guarantee that you will receive a robust toolbox of support with expertise in mindful, creative, and body-informed care. New tools will lead you to a new mindset.

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Counseling project. Need a minute of peace? step into our mental wellness garden! (Created by local artists) oneimportantthing.com