My Story


Dayna Wood Leadership Coach


 I remember the exact moment I saw my life mapped out in front of me. I was in graduate school, spending the majority of my time studying. I had been taking additional classes each semester because I was planning on continuing on to my PhD.

In what little spare time I had, I was running, cycling, and swimming to train for a triathlon. And then one day, as I was assisting an aging neighbor inside to her home, it hit me like a tone of bricks: I was exhausted. And I felt like I was missing something essential. I didn’t want to look back on my life and see only a well manicured and predictable path behind me.

Sure, I had a series of accomplishments that looked good on my resume. But I had lost what defined me. I wasn’t very fun anymore and all my creative, wild energy had been tamed, caged, and held on a tight leash. I yearned for adventure, and longed to reclaim my true self. So I did he only thing I could do: I chose to grow. I took a deep (if bumbling) plunge into reconnecting with myself, and my life changed profoundly.

I made many, many mistakes in the process of finding myself. I have lain on the bathroom floor, broken from grief and guilt. I could have put a stop to it right there. I could have chosen to carry my heavy brokenness with me – and nearly did. But ultimately, I kept choosing to grow, and I kept going. In spite of the fear of not knowing, of change, of failure, and of disappointing, I chose to leap. I chose myself.

“I chose to leap and, ultimately, I chose me.”

Through all the “growth opportunities” along the way, I leaned on certain things to get me through: My creativity; a small but supportive community; and my sense of adventure – all of which are right-brain attributes! Each time, I reclaimed a part of myself; many of which I hadn’t even known I’d let slip away. Despite the fear of not knowing, of change, of failure, and of disappointing, I chose to leap and, ultimately, I chose me.

Through it all, I continued to reclaim various parts of myself – many of which I didn’t even realize had slipped away. My creativity had been unleashed, but I was swinging from one extreme (being exceedingly academic, logical, linear and severely structured), to the other (shedding almost all of my obligations).

After going through all that, I wouldn’t say those wild swings were the best way forward! However, there is another road to growth and transformation – an integrated one.

How I wish I’d had a guide during those times. I had amazing friends who were going through similar transformations, but I often wonder how much more smoothly things might have gone if I’d had someone who knew the signposts on the journey and could assist me in the growth process. I may have learned some lessons a bit faster, and avoided repeating the same mistakes again and again. Although falling is a part of learning to walk, having a supportive presence by my side may have softened the falls.

I want to be that guide for you. This process definitely takes work, but it’s also a lot of fun! After completing our program, you will:

Be more confident in your life direction

Be less divided between your profession and your passions

Experience increased energy and satisfaction.


Learn about the journey!


Today, my life is better than I could have imagined. I’m able to assist others while determining my own schedule. I get to create programs that are aligned with my core beliefs. I dance, commune with nature and swim regularly. My heart and mind are full of possibility and meaning. And I am truly grateful to be living an undivided, creative life.



Dayna Wood applies brain science-based methods to help busy professionals and corporations improve creativity and innovation, and achieve their full potential.

As a professional psychotherapist, Dayna has worked with major non-profit organizations, as well as individuals in private practice. She helps all her clients  reconnect with their innate creativity to:

Gain confidence and clarity

Grow beyond unhelpful, habitual thought and behavior patterns

Prosper and thrive

Dayna is known for her approachable, honest, and non-judgmental style. She combines out-of-the-box thinking with solid scientific research, so her clients get the best of both worlds.