Hybrid Life Coaching Model

The best of life coaching offered by a professional counselor

“Slowing down to focus on what you really want out of life seems a rarity.” – Patrick Williams & Deborah C. Davis


What is the Hybrid Life Coaching Model?

The Hybrid Life Coaching Model helps clients live life on purpose. It ethically integrates coaching principles and counseling and is a progression towards wellness. Therapy’s main focus is uncovering what is wrong and overcoming the crisis, healing from the past, and resolving old pain. Coaching is goal and future-oriented, focusing on overcoming the divide between where you are and where you want to be. Hybrid Coaching blends the two.

Who Would Be a Good Fit for the Hybrid Model?

The Hybrid Model is a good fit for those desiring deep healing and growth and who yearn for sessions that are focused, motivated, purposeful & accountable.  You have started the healing journey already and have seen a counselor in the past that helped you through a major crisis. Now, you feel stable enough to go even further and transcend your own performance limit – in all areas of your life.

You are also a  good fit for the hybrid model if you have been asking yourself these questions recently: 

What is my vision?

What do I need to become? 

What am I willing to let go of?

 What do I already have?

What can you expect from the hybrid life coaching model? 

Barrier identification, goal setting, planning, and creative action. 

Help in defining your mission, purpose, and goals and articulating your dreams, wants, and hopes. 

Because we are therapists, we have a particular ability to aid you in uncovering and overcoming historical obstacles and practicing new patterns! We like to term ourselves “co-creative counselor coaches”. We delight in helping you discover your own answers and will challenge your blind spots,  and celebrate your victories.

Having a roadmap, a structured environment for healing and growth, and a skillful guide during the transformation process allows you to do the following:

  • gain insight into former blind spots and successfully navigate them
  • assimilate new understandings
  • spend less time spinning your wheels and more time producing positive change in your life
  • experience the needed safety and support to surge ahead

The Hybrid Counseling/Coaching Journey:

  • Introspection: Take part in an in-depth history, including your successes and current obstacles. Clarify and synthesize your deepest desires. 
  • Insight: Learn the how and why of advanced awareness tools based on creative, body-based mindfulness methods. Heal from any lingering residual pain from the past that is keeping you stuck. 
  • Integration: Acquire new skills through tailored, graduated change methods and break through your own glass ceiling! 
  • Impact: Leave your legacy: Make your positive mark on the world!

What makes Integrative Counsel different? 

We offer an eclectic style of treatment that integrates the mind, body, and spirit. Our “special sauce” is a unique blend of creativity, evidence-based modalities, movement, and eastern/western philosophy. Integrative Counsel values making mental wellness accessible regardless of where you are in your journey. We know the importance of multiple-entry points for care – from relatable and relevant articles, workbooks, and workshops to in-depth courses, and quality one-to-one counseling, hybrid coaching, and business solutions. We want to meet you where you are! Learn more about the journey here and our approach here.