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Quinn Smalley, MS, ATR-P, RMHCI

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We all have a story to tell and it is the story we tell ourselves mentally that drives our everyday thoughts, feelings, and actions. With special care for gender, sexuality, and culture, I utilize different theoretical approaches and art therapy to help elicit change and healing. Art therapy involves utilizing the creative process to invite awareness.
I believe in the magic of connection and creativity. When they’re missing, depression and disconnection sneak in and cloud our mind. I believe creativity and self-awareness can change our internal dialogue. If you are nervous, but looking to try out therapy or return after some time, I definitely encourage you and I am here to help.
“What excites me about psychotherapy and the arts is the joy I get from connecting with people. I love that art has a beautiful and profound way of helping someone gain a new perspective, a sense of confidence, and a general feeling of having added something to this world. I also think the arts allow someone to explore their soul/spirituality.”
Quinn is very passionate about the blended relationship between wellness, mental health, art, and science. She loves working with non-artists as well as artists! She believes artistic expression is healthy and critical for everyone’s growth.
Quinn is a beach lover, cat lover, and artist and uses a client-centered approach in her therapy.