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director at Integrative Counsel

Cassie Brooks

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Mental health and wellness is an intrinsic passion of mine. I was a child who struggled deeply with OCD and depression and had to learn serious coping tools to live my life (hello, homeschooling!) and became an adult who realized I was autistic in my early 20s. This journey set me up to do the work we do here at Integrative Counsel, and I really believe in what we do. Collaborating with our wildly talented team to make these resources available to everyone, connecting with our community, and using my enthusiasm for education- that's my dream job. 

I've been in St. Pete almost my whole life (by way of Brooklyn, though, so that still courses through my veins- and my voice). I live with my 3 partners (check out my jealousy course if you'd like to know more about polyamory), my soon-to-be-born son Milo, a cat named Rosie, and a very large library of spiritual books.

Feel free to reach out to me any time with ideas you have for collaboration, or to talk about any of my non-work interests, namely: antiques, raccoons, or gummy candy. You can also follow me on Instagram.

My passion for education and the way the brain works started when I was about 3- I began using an old box of preschool curriculum my mom had to teach my stuffed animals and make sure they improved in my class. When I was 8, the Buddhist nun who ran my younger sibling's Montessori preschool took my hands and told me I was a natural-born teacher. Assisting Ani Cynthia in the preschool and with Buddhist events then turned into assisting more people with their classes: helping my mom with her kid's yoga classes at age 9, co-teaching a summer camp at age 11, and finally, having my own theatre class at age 14 in my homeschool co-op. Since then, I've taught theatre, yoga, writing, and other spiritually-tinged creative practices all over St. Pete, to people of all ages. 

I started with Integrative Counsel as a social media manager in 2015, and since then my role has grown with the practice. I'm now the Director, which means I do a little bit of everything- and I like it that way! I handle the ideas, identity, and energy of Integrative Counsel, and use my out-of-the-box way of thinking to steward creative expression through mental wellness. 

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