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Art groups with Integrative Counsel in St Petersburg FL will help you get in touch with your authenticity. You might be having trouble making time for your art practice. This will give you the opportunity to use art-making as a tool to help you connect with your inner creativity. The combination of visual art and reflection help you find new insights about your life. You will go deeper with yourself and your artwork with like-minded people and an expert guiding you through the creative art-making process. These art groups are about using creativity as a tool to help you do necessary inner work. With art groups in St Petersburg, FL, you will come out of these groups more integrated than ever before.

Art groups in St Petersburg, FL

Your guide will be one of our licensed practitioners, well-versed in battling the limitations we come up against in this journey. They will give you the necessary tools to become the creator of your own life.

Showing up for yourself and diving beneath the surface can feel daunting, but you will not be alone!

In our mental wellness groups, our practitioners can support you through life changes, whether you are experiencing depression, anxiety, or grief.

Integrative Counsel offers mental wellness support groups in St Petersburg, FL.

When you integrate all the parts of your brain, you move out of your head and into a powerful state of flow, where you can harness the full power of your brain and create the connection, adventure, and meaning you crave.

Those who are ready and willing to use art as a tool to do valuable inner work. Creativity is your birthright, and everyone, regardless of their talent or skill level is an artist and welcome to use the creative process to work through the things that hold them back.

Who are Art Groups in St Petersburg, FL for?

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