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Certified Anxiety and OCD Professional 
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Quinn Smalley

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3 Sessions or more:   $125

Single Session:   $135 (55 min)

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Are you a 20-something struggling with adjusting to a life transition, finding your true identity, and having solid relationships in your life? Are you looking for a creative approach to your therapy sessions?

I can help! Grief, guilt, doubt, heaviness, anxiousness are all human emotions, but when we experience these for long periods of time without relief, it’s time to talk to someone.

If you are struggling with depression, anxiety, adjustment, a break-up, loneliness, disconnection from self or others, or life transitions, you may benefit from seeing a therapist. I specialize in art therapy and talk therapy and I utilize an eclectic approach. I assess each and every individual client to evaluate which approach may work best. My theoretical approaches include mindfulness, person-centered, cognitive-behavioral, and narrative therapy.

We all have a story to tell and it is the story we tell ourselves mentally that drives our everyday thoughts, feelings, and actions. With special care for gender, sexuality, and culture, I utilize different theoretical approaches and art therapy to help elicit change and healing. Art therapy involves utilizing the creative process to invite awareness.

I believe in the magic of connection and creativity. When they’re missing, depression and disconnection sneak in and cloud our mind. I believe creativity and self-awareness can change our internal dialogue. If you are nervous, but looking to try out therapy or return after some time, I definitely encourage you and I am here to help.

“What excites me about psychotherapy and the arts is the joy I get from connecting with people. I love that art has a beautiful and profound way of helping someone gain a new perspective, a sense of confidence, and a general feeling of having added something to this world. I also think the arts allow someone to explore their soul/spirituality.”

Quinn is very passionate about the blended relationship between wellness, mental health, art, and science. She loves working with non-artists as well as artists! She believes artistic expression is healthy and critical for everyone’s growth. Quinn is a beach lover, cat lover, and artist and uses a client-centered approach in her therapy.

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