1. Access to our online community via Facebook- that’s where we go live, take questions, etc.!
  2. Access to meditations, creative directives, journal prompts, and videos right from Jen and Dayna — the content never expires, and it downloads right to your computer!
  3. Access to 4 modules that will help you connect with your body, heal your heart, de-clutter the mind, and integrate your new beliefs.

What's Included:

If you’ve done the work, but are ready for more…
If you’ve been waiting for the next step in your healing…
If you’re ready to launch into your power…

This ticket is for you.

Join us for a flight to the next destination of your dreams. With wisdom, support, and creative collaboration this course helps you defy inertia so you can take off.

We guide you through the turbulence that often comes when making the bold move toward your heart’s desires, give you the lift you need to reach new heights, and help you sort through that overstuffed suitcase of limiting beliefs.

This course will reconnect you to the wisdom of your body, activate your imagination and ignite your personal power, landing you gently and precisely at the best next step toward your wildest dreams.

Cut off from your internal wisdom? Module 1 will deepen your connection with your body, building the strength you need to lift off- without burnout.
You can only lug around so much mind clutter. Module 2 invites you to drop your extra baggage. When your mind is free, the rest follows!
Feeling like you’re in a holding pattern? Module 3 shakes out the limiting beliefs that keep trying to hitch a ride. It’s time to take your heart to new heights.

You know the vicinity of your next adventure, but not the flight plan. Module 4 empowers you to take the next step!

Who is it for:

Do you feel disconnected from your body? Does your mind feel cluttered and weighed down? Are your limiting beliefs keeping you in a holding pattern? Are you overwhelmed at the thought of navigating new terrain? We often need extra support when we want to step into our dreams. That can be through wisdom and guidance, questions to help us get clearer, or practices that help us align with our authentic selves. We sometimes need structure to help us take the steps we need to take towards our goals. This course does just that. This is digital course, created by licensed therapists Dayna Wood and Jennifer Carey, will help you learn to access your inner wisdom, trust yourself, and get in touch with your authentic Self.


Launch to Power Course

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The EMPOWER Course Bundle



Moon Package


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