This bundle is for you if any of these sound like you:

​-You crave the wisdom and community of sisterhood.

​-You’re in a transitionary phase of womanhood (anything from growing your family to embracing menopause).

​-You sometimes struggle with loving the skin you’re in.

​-You want to make a difference, but you don’t know how.

​-You need your spark back.

​-You want to expand the type of person you are and challenge fear, shame, and societal expectations.

-​You’re looking for a great deal on offerings from any of these experts- this bundle is quantity AND quality.

Who is it for:

​This bundle includes 7 modules by 9 women covering many of the stops on the journey of womanhood. Meant to be a treasure trove of wisdom you can watch again and again, this is for all women in all stages of life, and is also great for group work.

​The 7 modules are non-linear- because womanhood isn’t linear! Start where you want, take breaks whenever, and jump in to what lights you up. Wherever you are in your journey of womanhood is perfect. This bundle is for all women- anyone who identifies as a woman will find valuable information in this bundle.

The EMPOWER Course Bundle


Women are magical beings, and when we come together in sisterhood using the power of magic and play, ANYTHING can happen. In this offering, Cassie and Alli will teach you how to play using magic and ritual while connecting deeply with your coven of sisters. Afterwards, women will feel connected to their playful inner child, their coven of sisters, and the magic within them.

by Cassie Brooks, Educator + IC’s Director, and Alli Cravener, Grad Student + IC’s Editor in Chief

Using the Magic of Sisterhood and Play

As women, prior to the state of expansion we are all working towards, there is often a period of sadness and loss. This offering focuses on death and grief of the different parts of us ourselves that must die for us as women to be able to step into our whole Self, where our power resides. From this place of tenderness that grief often opens is the fertile ground where we can begin to identify our true essence – our authentic expression. As we become clearer about our true essence from within, we have the capacity to draw the external towards us – like a magnet. It is an attracting and an allowing, a receiving. It is the feminine part of the equation. After taking this course, women will feel equipped to step into their personal power, and will have the tools to tackle their limiting beliefs.

by Jennifer H. Carey, LMHC, EdS., and Dayna Wood, LMHC, EdS., REAT, + IC’s Founder.

​Facing Our Fear of Death

Studies show that white women uphold white supremacy. This is a way for you to be part of the change without burning out. This offering will help white women confront the role women play in white supremacy. It also tackles the guilt and the freeze response as it interfaces with white supremacy. Afterwards, women feel confident and equipped to make a change.

by Sarah Gold, LMHC, MA

​Becoming a True Ally: How White Women Can Make The World a Better Place For Everyone

This offering is presented in workbook format and includes a video with a self-love yoga flow. This offering aims to empower women to take a moment of pause, appreciation, and connection in order to intercept and pivot negative self talk. Kristina’s goal is to lead women into discovering new joys in life, like viewing their bodies with more acceptance and being unapologetically themselves! Understanding what self love truly entails fuels her passion for life and she still works to refine and improve her own process because the journey of self love never really ends!

by Kristina Rich, Yoga Instructor + Self-Love Advocate

Loving Yourself Naked

Throughout history, countless women have experienced sexual trauma. This trauma is held in the pelvis, and when we don’t consciously release the tension, it creates physical and emotional pain. In her offering, Lauren teaches you how to release the tension and trauma stored in your pelvis with quick and easy techniques that anyone who identifies as a woman can do. Lauren will help you develop a compassionate and trauma-informed relationship with your body, allowing you to connect with yourself on a deeper level.

​Each module includes 20+ minutes of video and/or audio content, plus an accompanying workbook with exercises and more info from the expert.

by Lauren Mishkin, LMHC, Therapist at IC specializing in trauma

​Hidden Superpowers In Our Pelvic Floor

This offering targets the mental and spiritual aspects of a woman’s journey as it relates to fertility, conception, and feminine cycles. The scientific literature states (retrospective study) that after three months of not conceiving, those that identify as women begin to have black & white thinking assuming they are the reason they are not falling pregnant and spring into overdoing (charting, researching, doctoring, changing lifestyle habits for the couple) to try and conceive, sometimes at a price to their self worth and their relationship. Afterwards, women feel spiritually and emotionally well and balanced. They will have a healthier relationship with themselves and others and be able to move beyond black and white thinking.

by Hillary Talbott DOM, FABORM

​Embody the Divine Feminine: Conception, Fertility, and Your Cycles

(all included in your course bundle purchase + re-watchable forever)





Launch to Power Course



Moon Package


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