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Many successful professionals admit to feeling frayed, fragmented, or distracted from what is essential in their lives. They feel stressed-out and stretched too thin, making it through each day just to grab what little respite they can before repeating the wearying tasks again. Busyness keeps us distracted, and like an unnourishing meal, leaves us hungry for something else. These are often signs of the presage of growth.

You’ve helped me follow and achieve my dreams, get in touch with my true spirit and spirituality. – Salem, MA

If this sounds familiar, you’re in the right place. You can return to your birthright of strength, purpose, and meaningful connection. You can find inner stillness while actively responding to your daily responsibilities. It is possible to embrace a fresh perspective to recharge your life and relationships.

Breakthrough your personal performance ceilings by understanding that true competitive advantage begins with knowing yourself intimately, through advanced awareness techniques. Master Your Mind. Maximize Your Impact. 

When you integrate all the parts of your brain, you move out of your head and into a powerful state of flow, where you can harness the full power of your brain and create the connection, adventure, and meaning you crave.

We do this through a process termed integration. Integration for us means many things. It means living an undivided life, where it is possible to align profession and purpose. It also means paying attention to neglected parts of you. It is the integration of the brain, body, self, and relationships. We draw from many schools of learning, including psychology, neuroscience, the creative and expressive arts therapies, Buddhism, and Shamanism. These are some of our favorite thinkers.

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