Art Therapy

art therapy

What is Art Therapy?

Arts therapy intertwines psychology and the creative process to improve mental health. By expressing themselves, people are able to expand their intuition, gain valuable coping skills, and explore new ways to show how they feel. Importantly, those who participate in this form of therapy can put together various themes and conflicts that may have been influencing their thoughts and emotions. Creating and viewing art helps individuals explore their emotions, develop self-awareness, cope with stress, boost self-esteem, and work on their social skills. Simply put, it is not about the end result or the quality of the art work itself, but the intentions behind it and what the entire process reveals about the unconscious mind.

What are the different methods?

Different approaches used include collaging, painting, drawing, coloring and making sculptures.

How can art therapy help?

It can be used to treat PTSD, anxiety, depression, etc. It is a helpful and effective alternative for those who feel uncomfortable expressing themselves during traditional talk therapy and find that creativity is the best way to convey how they really feel.

What is Expressive Arts Therapy?

Expressive Arts Therapy is a mixed media art therapy approach. While art therapy only uses one art form, expressive arts therapy uses more of a variety. This form of therapy focuses on the creative process, not the artistic outcome, and allows people to explore the way they respond to pictures, sounds, movement, and confront their insight about the artistic process. Expressive arts therapy can act as a portal to the deepest parts of the subconscious and helps people articulate what they may not be able to put into words.

What are the different methods?

Expressive arts therapy incorporates writing, drama, dance, movement, painting, drama, music, etc.

How can expressive arts therapy help?

Expressive arts therapy will help individuals become more self-aware and gain incredible emotional insight. It helps express what words cannot. It relaxes the body and puts people in a thoughtful, meditative state. Making art also helps build self-esteem.

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