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expressive arts therapist, laura hensely

Laura Hensley, Therapist

At mid-career, I wondered – what had gone wrong? I’d started grad school with excitement and an absorbing interest in the subject of psychology. I envisioned a professional practice that would let me delve deep into my true human potential, and help my clients do the same. Read More

Vivi Steinfeld, Therapist

There have been points in my life where I felt disconnected from myself, weighed down by regrets and disappointment, or lost in sadness. Those times were often precipitated by a life stage change, some other change in circumstance, or by a perceived failure on my part. For me, navigating those hard times included having a vision of my best self, a willingness to bring to light the feelings, thoughts, and history that were weighing me down… Read More

Kristie Powell, Therapist

I understand what it is like to be burned out, on auto-pilot, and living life without that special
spark that makes each day fulfilling. Upon this realization, I made a list of the things that brought
me joy. Using that list, I started practicing mindfulness skills, worked with a therapist, and began
learning yoga….Read More

Behind-the-scenes Team

Dayna Wood

Meet Dayna Wood, Founder

I’ve been there… I was tired, overburdened, not myself, and missing something essential. Balancing life’s demands is no easy task. However, after learning and applying advanced awareness tools – based on core principles founded in neuro leadership and mindfulness – I was able to approach life with curiosity, creativity, potency, and fun. Read More

Meet Cassie Brooks, Creative Director

Cassie is the director at Integrative Counsel! She’s also an actress and writer who is incredibly passionate about education and the way the brain works. Cassie has been with Integrative Counsel since 2014. Her work here at Integrative Counsel is beyond any labels- but that’s the way she likes it! On any given day you might find her at the beach, kombucha in hand, ideas spinning. And, if she’s not at the beach or in her home office, she’s probably watching Antiques Roadshow.

Meet Alli Cravener, Office Manager

Alli Cravener is a social media coordinator and writer who is passionate about connecting people through words. Alli studied English at Arizona State University and has found her niche uniting concept and content in the realm of mental health and the expressive arts. Alli’s interests include painting, history, learning about other people, and wearing the color pink. She likens herself to a “mouse in a palm tree”, and she loves it that way.

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