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Meet Laura Hensley


At mid-career, I wondered – what had gone wrong? I’d started grad school with excitement and an absorbing interest in the subject of psychology. I envisioned a professional practice that would let me delve deep into my true human potential, and help my clients do the same. Read More


 Meet Debra “Vivi” Steinfeld


Debra Vivi Steinfeld, MS, ATR, LMHC-QS is an artist, registered art psychotherapist and a licensed mental health counselor & qualified supervisor in the state of Florida.  

She has provided art psychotherapy with individuals and groups in varied settings including inpatient psychiatric hospitals, outpatient mental health counseling centers, therapeutic foster care, and private practice. Read More

Meet Dayna Wood

I’ve been there… I was tired, overburdened, not myself, and missing something essential. Balancing life’s demands is no easy task. However, after learning and applying advanced awareness tools – based on core principles founded in neuroleadership and mindfulness – I was able to approach life with curiosity, creativity, potency, and fun. Read More 


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