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How to Use the Moon to Cleanse

Did you know that humans are impacted by the different phases of the moon? The universe has its own rhythm, which we can see in the way the seasons change and the sun rises and sets every day. We also see it in the way the moon’s gravitational pull impacts the ocean tides. Humans’ bodies are 70% water, so it’s no wonder we feel more tired or emotional whenever the moon is full–that’s when the moon is at its height of power! However, you can harness the energy of the moon to cleanse your spirit, gain perspective and reconnect with your authentic self. Here are 5 ways you can use the moon to cleanse:

Spend time in nature

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Tuning into nature can help you ground yourself and calm down from the heightened energy of the full moon. Instead of distracting yourself from the way that you feel, sit down in nature and really get connected with yourself. Take deep breaths and feel your body connect to the earth. Observe any thoughts or feelings that float by with curiosity. Inhale the smell of the earth, feel the texture of the grass and the trees, and listen for the sounds of birds calling and animals rustling in the leaves. Be present in nature and be present with yourself, because you are nature.

Cleanse your physical space

Tidying up your physical space can help you clear any lingering, negative energy. It also makes space for what you want to manifest to come through. Look around and figure out what no longer brings you joy and get rid of it rather than holding on to things and letting it clutter your space and your energy field.

Dance under the moon

woman dances with her hands in the air under the moonSince the full moon is about letting go and cleansing your energy, dancing can help you let go of that excessive energy. Put comfortable clothes on and your favorite songs to dance to, close your eyes and let your body move. Don’t worry about what you look like, just get your heart pumping and your body moving.

Take a cleansing moon bath

What better way to cleanse yourself than by taking a bath? Make this a special moon bath by lighting candles and incense, filling your bath water with essential oils and a bath bomb, and investing in your favorite spa products. It is also essential you use this time to give your mind a treat, as well. Focus on the experience of taking this cleansing bath, becoming one with the present moment as you enjoy the feeling of the warm water on your skin and the scent of the incense and essential oils

Write down your intentions

Setting your intentions can help you open yourself up to the good that you want to invite in your life. Close your eyes or have a soft gaze toward the ground. Turn the awareness inward to assess what it is that you really need in that moment and throughout the day. Is it peace? Strength? Patience? Gratitude? Focus on the word (patience) or phrase (I am patient). Notice any emotions or sensations that come up for you. This practice, especially under the potent energy of the full moon, can help you mindfully shift your negative thoughts.

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