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Take a break! Relax with this quick art project.

Taking a break can be extremely difficult– isn’t always easy to pull yourself away from responsibilities. You need a break to stay sane. The less time you take for yourself to be creative and relax, the more likely you are to succumb to irritability, anxiety, and depression. Without a proper recharge, all your creative energy will feel like it has been drained from you, and you won’t be able to connect with your right brain and its essential ingredients! These essential ingredients are flexibility, possibility, context, interconnectedness, intuition, and depth, the capacity to hold uncertainty, and the knowledge that opposites aren’t necessarily incompatible. It is important for us to remember and practice these so that we can begin to integrate the left and right hemispheres to live up to our true potential! Start to relax with a low maintenance art project, such as creating your own personal mandala.
To start, grab a piece of plain paper and any drawing/coloring utensils you have on hand (pens, pencils, markers, crayons, oil pastels, or cut out some words/pictures from old magazines, etc.). Draw a large circle on the paper. Take only about 5 minutes (yep, that fast!) and “empty” your current thoughts onto the paper. After 5 minutes, your circle might contain words, images, colors or shapes. Please believe me, do NOT think you need to be a Michelangelo or a Leonardo and “have to draw something “. Hang the image upside down (you will likely feel like there is an up and down, if not – no worries) for 48 hours in a place where you can see it. Do you notice anything new? Again, there is no right or wrong. You are learning to notice and see in a new way. Allow yourself to be relaxed and free in your expression.

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Alli is our office manager and writer who is passionate about connecting people through words. Alli studied English at Arizona State University, just recently moved to St. Pete and is enjoying paradise. Her interests include painting, history, and learning about other people.

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