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4 Actionable Ways to Set Intentions for the New Year

This year, rather than making a new years resolution, try setting intentions for what you want your year to look like. An intention is what focuses your energy towards an aspiration. It is an invitation to the universe for guidance. Setting goals and finding the direction you want to take this year starts with the intentions that you set. Creating the life you want starts with a seed, which is your intentions. As you water the intention with the actions you take, you start to see real growth and are able to hold yourself accountable. Here are 3 actionable ways to set intentions for the new year:

Get clear about your values

Ask yourself what your life looks like when things are going really well, and make a list of 20 things that bring you joy. With this list, you can figure out what your true values are. If watching a nature documentary and taking a new class brings you joy, you can narrow that down to a single value, which would be learning and growing. Narrow this down to 5-7 values.

Focus on where you are lacking

What takes you away from your true values? Where do you feel you have a gap in your life? For example, If you feel like you spend too much time on your phone, and that is creating a gap in your productivity and happiness, make one of your New Years’ intentions to be more mindful. Focus on what you know you can and will change to improve your life.

Commit to your intention and make it apart of your everyday thinking

We recommend committing to a length of time to work with your intention. It takes 21 days to form a habit, so commit to at least one month. You can write out a plan for yourself and specify how you will reach your goals. You can also choose a word that represents your intention for 2021, like “joy” or “independence”. Another great way to make your intention a part of your everyday thinking is to use this future-self journal from the holistic psychologist. This will help you think of actionable ways to become the person you want to be for 2021.

Create a clear vision of your intention

Creating a vision board is a great way to get clear on your intentions. Not only is collaging relaxing and therapeutic, but it helps you focus your energy on what you really want for 2021. You can also write your intention on sticky notes and put them around your house, or make the word your background on your phone.

Nothing creates significant change faster than setting a solid intention. Setting intentions gives you a purpose and something to focus on. Without it, you might feel lost, and without a reason to grow and level up. These actionable steps will help you make meaningful changes in your life, creating a healthier and more positive outlook.

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