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5 Ways to Invite Joy Back Into Your Life

Sometimes, it can be hard to remember the joyful parts of your life. You may feel lost, hopeless, or like you have no purpose. It is important to remember that these feelings are only temporary. You can invite joy back into your life if you consciously make that choice and stick to it. Here are five ways you can invite joy back into your life:

Have a self-care routine
Something that makes us feel better is having a solid routine that you stick by every day. This self-care routine should involve what you need to do for yourself and not necessarily what you want to do. Yes, having a self-care routine may involve doing a facemask, taking a bath, singing your favorite songs at the top of your lungs, but it also means doing the hard, inner work and creating a comfortable space for healing and growth. Self-care is about giving to yourself and making sure your own cup is full before you try to fill someone else’s.

Embrace your inner child.
Visualize your child self and connect with that version of yourself. We can get so caught up in the heaviness and seriousness of day to day life, that we forget to let go and be childlike. What are some things that you used to enjoy when you were a kid? What songs did you listen to? What shows and movies did you watch? What books did you read? Go back and revisit your child-like wonder!

Keep a gratitude journal.

Have a journal reserved for writing only the things you are thankful for. This will help you take stock of what you do have rather than spending time thinking about what your life is lacking. It can be something as small as “I am grateful I have a bed to sleep in and a roof over my head.” Or, you can get more personal and emphasize what people you are grateful for.

Take a daily walk
Taking a walk every day and being fully present on that walk is a wonderful way to feel more in touch with yourself and your surroundings. Being present outdoors will help you find joy because nature is a reminder of how beautiful the world around you is.

Get grounded
Oftentimes, we are so stuck in our head that we forget to ground ourselves. This causes us to overthink, which causes more pain in the long run. In order to get out of your head and into your body, you first take a deep breath and plant your feet firmly on the ground. Do this until you feel centered and one with your body.

I invite each of you to invite joy back into your life. Make it a point to find joy in each and every day, even if life feels bleak and hopeless. In doing this, you will notice the world around you change and start working with you rather than against you.


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Alli is our office manager and writer who is passionate about connecting people through words. Alli studied English at Arizona State University, just recently moved to St. Pete and is enjoying paradise. Her interests include painting, history, and learning about other people.

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