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Ancient alchemists were concerned with the process of transforming something of seemingly little value (lead) into something precious (gold). They believed that within the darkness of the prima materia, or raw material, existed a divine spark. The transformation that alchemists were actually describing was one of awakening consciousness, and the work of the individual alchemist had the power to inform and influence the whole of creation. Read more.

I can’t help but think of alchemy when I’m blending oils. It is the absolute coming together – integration – of art and science. Essential oils, or the essence of a plant, constitute all of the elements. Plants grow from the earth and convert light into chemical energy for fuel for the plant through photosynthesis. Essential oils are liquid, but are also volatile, or evaporate and create the aroma.

Awakening the Alchemista, a Monthly Women’s Transformative Arts Group

Awakening the Alchemista is a women’s transformative arts group that guides you in exploring, understanding, and integrating the rich, symbolic language of the soul. Through guided meditation, expressive arts exercises, and facilitated discussion, you will activate your imagination, awaken your senses, and gain insight and wisdom.

We do this work to uncover our divine spark and integrate parts of ourselves that may feel buried, fragmented or forgotten. We do this work to heal ourselves and the world. We play in this way to make space for healing, wholeness, and greater authenticity in all aspects of our lives.

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Essential Oil Alchemy Kits Available

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The Awakening the Alchemist Essential Oil Kit ($95 – Click here to purchase.)


  • 7 rollerballs specifically designed to support you through the alchemical process. Made with 100% therapeutic-grade, unadulterated essential oils. ($84 – Click here to purchase.)

  • Blending booklet and map ($21 comes with deck of alchemy cards – Click here to purchase.)

  • Deck of 28 alchemical intention-setting cards ($15 – Click here to purchase.)

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