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Can I Do Art Therapy Myself?

Can I do art therapy myself?

It’s a valid question. After all, there are trained professionals who study for years just to learn how to do it, and rightfully so. Art therapy is a complex process that takes a lifetime of study and practice to truly master, but its principles can be put into place whether that’s in the therapist’s office or out in the world. In the oft-privileged but intensely meaningful world of art, there is space for you no matter where you are on your journey. But where do you start? 

Starting Art Therapy

decorativeWhen we are inexperienced, the prospect of any type of therapy can seem daunting. Most things can be intimidating before we try them. So, an effective first step on your art therapy journey would be to partake in some exercises. There’s a wealth of art therapy resources online, including some on this very site.  Once you’ve got some experience with art therapy under your belt, the real work can begin.

Continuing With Art Therapy

Through art therapy, we teach ourselves things about ourselves that we didn’t know. Making art taps into your subconscious mind, and starting your art therapy journey is an exercise in learning the contents of your subconscious. Effectively integrating the lessons you learn as an artist is the real work I was talking about in the last paragraph. Some of the things that you learn about yourself might be easily understood, like a desire to create art, or the security you find in one of your relationships, however, some of the discoveries we make in art therapy are not so easily understood. 

Can You Do Art Therapy Yourself? 

decorativeIt might shock you, but the answer is yes. The tools we learn in art therapy are vital, and sometimes necessary to living a satisfied life. Those tools aren’t suddenly ineffective once you leave the therapist’s session, and they can impart you with clarity and wisdom no matter what stage of the journey you’re at. However, although it’s possible to make great progress through art therapy on your own, the most effective way to work on yourself is with a guide who can help you navigate through the common challenges, mistakes, and lessons we all share when we embark on the journey of growth. 

Booking An Art Therapy Appointment

Doing art therapy on your own can be enlightening. Life changing, even. But the easiest way to learn these skills is by booking an appointment with one of the many talented specialists in our practice. No matter where you are in your journey, we have experienced therapists, coaches, and social workers who are there to help you learn how to integrate the wisdom of art therapy into your life.

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