Counseling & Coaching Rates

Updated 2020: Counseling and Coaching Rates Schedule

*In light of the current pandemic, we are changing our rate policy for the time being to be more flexible in this time of universal need. If you are unable to pay for a full package upfront, please let us know, and we can accommodate. 

Integrative Counsel is currently an in-network provider with Humana. For your convenience, we will bill Humana directly. Co-pay is expected at the time of visit. If you are a member of a different insurance provider, a receipt can be provided so you can submit for out-of-network partial reimbursement. * If you are currently participating in a package plan, please contact Integrative Counsel to confirm your reduced rate.


Counseling Rates

Initial consultation $150.00

Individual counseling (55 min) $150.00

90-minute session $220.00

Or, Reduced Package Rates

4 sessions                                                        $140×4 = $560 ($40 savings) 

6 sessions                                                        $135×6 = $810 ($90 savings) 

10 sessions                                                      $125×10 = $1,250 ($250 savings)

Review of records at hourly rate

Minimal phone consultation or correspondence     no charge

Extensive phone consultation     correspondence more than 15 minutes     hourly rate at 15-minute intervals

Missed appointment – hourly rate

Court appearance $350.00 per hour

Insurance may not reimburse for review of records, extensive phone consultation or missed appointments.

This is merely an estimate and we cannot guarantee this is the final amount due.


EMDR and expressive arts trauma reprocessing with Laura Hensley

EMDR session$195.00

6 sessions of EMDR $1050 ($120 savings)


Coaching Rates

Initial consultation $175.00

Individual coaching (55 min) $175.00

90-minute session $250.00

Or, Reduced Package Rates

4 sessions                                                        $160×4 = $640($60 savings) 

6 sessions                                                        $150×6 = $900($150 savings) 

10 sessions                                                      $140×10 = $1,400($350 savings)

Missed appointment- hourly rate


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