The Power of Resilience Mini-Course

The Power of Resilience with JP Horgan

Whether or not we learn how to be resilient in youth, it is something we all have access to. An adult can learn resilience just the same as a child would, and the benefits are one in the same. This offering  is designed to give you the tools and wisdom you need to access your inner resilience and to get where you need to be on your journey.

This mini-course includes a 30 minute video, an accompanying workbook and journal prompts.

This course is for you if any of these sound like you:

-You are struggling to get through a difficult time in your life

-You are recovering from a traumatic event or a life-changing experience

-You feel stuck and trapped by limiting thought patterns

-You feel overwhelmed when you think about where your path is taking you

-You want to be able to bounce back from difficult situations

-You want to be able to cope well with pressure uncertainty in your daily life

-You want to transform your pain into a growth opportunity that will improve your life

What is Resilience?

Being resilient means being able to recover from difficult conditions. Resilience is also the ability to bounce back, and it is a necessary component of a well-adjusted life. If that’s something you struggle with, then it can be exhausting figuring out how to build your resilience up from scratch. Building resilience takes time, effort, and patience. It’s not something that happens overnight.

Can Resilience Be Taught?

With the right tools, anyone can learn resilience. The biggest obstacle in the way of our personal growth is ourselves. You are the only person who can make meaningful changes in your adult life. That means being open to new experiences, and embracing your opportunities to learn and grow. These are the things that will make you the most resilient.

What are the benefits of learning to be resilient?

-You become more self-aware and self-reliant

-You are able to thrive under pressure and cope with stressful situations

-You become more focused and productive at work and in your daily life

-You are able to trust and know yourself so deeply that nothing is insurmountable

-Life transitions and changes become your best friends

picture of JP

JP Horgan, Human Transformation Coach

At one point in his life, JP was told that he may never walk again after doctors discovered a tumor on his spine. He spent his days miserable and in pain. Resilience was what helped him through this major setback. As a Human Transformation Coach, JP helps amazing people develop a Magic Mindset and install empowering habits.  He believes that whenever we shift our thinking and unearth false beliefs that have been there for a lifetime, we step through the door towards the life we want and reality will never be the same. Take back your power today. Click here to work with JP one on one!