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Spotlight! What’s Making Us Better People This Month?

Feeling alone and mentally stuck? We have put together a list of resources that have helped make us feel like better people this month. Hopefully, the wisdom shared with you here makes you feel like a better person, as well!

Give It A Rest with Danielle Bayard Jackson- As women, we benefit from connecting with other women on a deeper level and growing meaningful relationships. “Give it a rest” with Danielle Bayard Jackson, a friendship coach and expert who educates women about “tough-love-truth-telling” friendship. Danielle shows you how to have those hard conversations with your friends that bring you closer together. She also shows women how to deepen their friendships with one another by moving past their deep-rooted insecurities. Grab your copy of her book, Give It A Rest here and check out her podcast here.



Shortcuts to Zen with Jen- Many of us often feel we are too busy to practice mindfulness. Shortcuts to Zen with Jen solves that problem by giving you ways you can incorporate mindfulness in your every day busy lives. These five-minute videos cover various topics, like engaging the senses, mindful walking, and mindful conversing. They are a wonderful way to feel productive and connected with the self without feeling like you need to dedicate a large portion of your day to it. The result is more peace, more joy, more harmony. Try it and see! Jen would love to hear your feedback. Remember to subscribe to her on youtube so that you are notified whenever she puts out a new video.


Be Your Best Self with Jamie Molnar- Jamie’s “Be Your Best Self” podcast has been making us better people this month. This is a wonderfully beneficial health and wellness podcast focused on mind-body-spirit living for the modern woman. With a special guest featured on each episode, various topics are explored, such as toxic relationships, making peace with stress, overcoming diet culture, and more! This podcast series is a valuable source of information for anyone who is interested in bettering themselves and finding ways to cope and heal beyond the surface level. If you are feeling like you are stuck in a mental loop and need some insight, this podcast will help you in more ways than you could ask for. Our founder, Dayna Wood, is featured on this episode here. She talks about using creativity and expressive arts to heal your emotional wounds and access your subconscious world. Check it out!

We hope you will use these resources to better yourself this month!

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Alli is our office manager and writer who is passionate about connecting people through words. Alli studied English at Arizona State University, just recently moved to St. Pete and is enjoying paradise. Her interests include painting, history, and learning about other people.

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