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Yin and Yang: How To Find Balance

In Taoism,  Yin and Yang represent duality. Yin is a more passive, feminine energy, whereas Yang is active and masculine.  While the two energies oppose each other, they also complement one another, and one can not exist without the other, just like shadow cannot exist without light.  Neither of these energies are good or bad, but issues can arise if there is an imbalance. For example, if you have more Yang energy, you might be restless, controlling, struggle to go with the flow, which leads you to be irritable and doubtful of yourself. If you have excessive Yin energy, you might feel powerless and victimize yourself. We want to share with you ways you can strengthen your Yin and Yang energy connection and find balance in your life. 



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Yoga is an excellent way to balance your divine masculine and feminine. Yin yoga encourages you to stretch, holding your body in positions that allow you to open up and release any stuck energy. Yin yoga is about surrendering and accepting discomfort. On the other hand, Yang yoga is more about developing muscular strength, stamina, and and flexibility as well as resilience and discipline. The poses are active, whereas Yin yoga is more passive. Yin/Yang yoga practices blend the two styles. They  usually start off with Yin yoga and then move into Yang yoga towards the second half of the class. 


Practice Radical Acceptance


If you feel restless and  like you need to control everything, you probably have too much Yang energy. Practicing radical acceptance can help you find balance. Yin energy is all about being tolerant of discomfort and accepting what is. Life is bound to make you uncomfortable at some point, and you’re allowed to feel that discomfort and change your situation if you can. However, if there is nothing that you can do, you must accept your circumstances and move forward without creating unnecessary frustration by attempting to change what can’t be changed.


Let Go of Resentment

paper cranes being released into the skyHaving excess Yang energy might make it difficult for you to let things go. You might let resentment build up, which can cause major health problems down the road. In order to let go of resentment, you will first need to acknowledge that you are full of resentment. Self-awareness is a very important step towards making a change. Then, you can explore what the cause of it is and take responsibility for your emotions. Instead of blaming others for your anger, you empower yourself by recognizing how your mindset is what is actually causing your anger. From there, you can change your mindset and release the toxicity that is weighing you down.


Let Go of Victim Mindset


Having excess Yin energy might make it so you convince yourself that you are a powerless victim. Release the victim mentality by first becoming aware of your limiting beliefs. When you have negative and disempowering beliefs, you sabotage yourself. The good news is that you have the power to change these beliefs once you are aware of them. Then, you can explore where they came from and transform them at the root by shifting your narrative. 


Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

In order to be your best self, you need to step outside of your comfort zone. If you have a lot of Yin energy, this might be difficult for you. The Yin energy is very important, but if there’s too much of it, it can make you passive and inactive. To find balance and embody your Yang energy, you’ll need to be willing to take risks while being unattached to the outcome. Even if you don’t feel ready yet, start where you are and allow yourself to be an active participant in your own life.


If you’re looking for a guide to help you maintain your Yin and Yang balance, especially in your romantic relationships, Michael specializes in the Yin/Yang energy connection and couple’s counseling. Contact us to schedule a consultation!

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