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Embrace the Full Moon

And just like that, Halloween is right around the corner! This Halloween is extra special and extra spooky, because of the full moon. How will you be celebrating this year? If you’re looking for a ritual, you have come to the right place. We love to be artistic and use art therapy in any way we can. This month, we are doing a creative ritual. Here are the steps to get started:

Create your sacred space

For Halloween, your sacred space might look a little different. Traditionally, Halloween is a representation of the harvest season ending, and the earth dying. For your full moon ritual, you might honor the dead by adding symbols of death on your altar, such as a skull or a skeleton carrying a scythe. Additionally, since Halloween is a day for communicating with spirits, you may put additional offerings on your altar for your ancestors, or create an entirely new altar dedicated to your ancestors. You can also add candles, incense, dried leaves, acorns, fruit, wine, and crystals.

Clear your energy

Light your candles and your incense, and start to clear your mind and open your heart. Clear your energy by doing a prayer and a meditation. In your meditative state, focus on your intentions for your creative ritual. Spend some time thinking about what you want to release, and what you want to call in. Halloween is all about harnessing your dark energy and being in touch with your shadow side, so make one of your intentions to let go of the negative patterns that are holding you back. After you’ve cleared your energy, you can start creating!

Start your creative ritual!

A great activity for this would be creating a dream box. On Halloween, it is believed that the veil between earth and the spiritual realm is thinner, making it easier for spirits to move between both realms. You can start your crat by getting a wooden box you can paint on, or by grabbing a tissue box you can put popsicle sticks on to decorate. Then, cut out strips of paper and before you fall asleep write down what new things you would like to discover about yourself in your dream and place it in the box. As you’re decorating, infuse the artwork with your intentions using inner guidance
Make the craft become a talisman- it will serve as a physical reminder of your intentions and whatever you call in to manifest. For this activity, you will make your intention something about wanting to have a connection with your spirit guides during this time and for them to visit you in your dreams with clarity and ease.

Now that you have your own creative full moon ritual, check out last week’s article here about making vulnerability your superpower!

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