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How to be Mindful in Nature

If you are feeling stuck or like you have lost your purpose, you are not alone. People are struggling with their mental health now more than ever, and it’s no surprise considering the entire world is experiencing a massive transformation. The best way to get through any burst of poor mental health is to spend time in nature. Being there physically is great, but being mindful in nature is even better.

The best way to improve your mental health is to get out of your own head and into what is real. Tune into your senses and observe what is around you. What do the trees smell like? How does the earth feel beneath your feet? What do you hear? What might the animals that you see be experiencing? Similarly to you, animals are going about their everyday lives and having their own individual experiences. Being mindful in nature and observing them helps us pull away from those negative, sticky thoughts. Spending time in nature gives us a chance to step outside ourselves and dive into a different perspective. It allows us to connect with something much bigger than us.

Gardening is one great way to connect with nature and improve mental health because it gives you a purpose. It is wonderful to see such a positive transformation and to watch the seeds grow into big, beautiful plants. Another way to connect with nature is to eat outside. If you are stuck inside, you can bring nature indoors by buying fresh flowers and potted plants, collecting things from outside and arranging them on display in your home, or having a comfortable spot by the window where you can watch the sky or the trees.

The outdoors has such a positive impact on mental health and can heal us more than we realize. Take the time to give those moments of peace to your mind, body, and soul.


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