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Why Sharing Makes Us Joyful

As humans, we crave social interaction and deep connections. Some of us have this belief that people are mostly motivated by their own self-interest, and that we are meant to be independent and not trust anyone to fulfill our needs. This is false! I don’t know about you, but when I share with people, I get this light feeling in my stomach and I start feeling increasingly happier. And that brings me to this question–why does sharing make us feel so joyful?

The act of sharing produces happy hormones in our brain.

When we share with others, we allow ourselves to be interconnected with people, which produces serotonin and oxytocin. This is because it is emotionally rewarding for us to share with others.

It gives us a sense of belonging and purpose.

Sharing is essential to the expansion of all human relationships and cultures. It brings us closer together and allows us to be interdependent with each other. When we feel like someone else is having the same experiences as we are, it makes us feel connected and understood. We don’t just build this connection by sharing material things, but by being vulnerable with the people we love and sharing our feelings.

It builds trust.

When we share our feelings and experiences with supportive friends and romantic partners, we learn to trust each other. We learn that when we have other’s best interests at heart, they do the same for us.

It summons gratitude.

Sharing happiness with others is a beautiful thing. The more you talk with the people you are close with about what you are grateful for and what delights you, the happier you will feel. Sharing joy will increase joy. When you make another person happy through your positive news, you will feel even happier. Sharing these positive feelings are a win-win. It’s about the joy you feel for bringing someone else joy.

To cultivate more of the joy that comes from bringing joy to others, try out this visualization:

  • Start by closing your eyes and visualizing yourself in a safe, happy space.
  • Imagine what this space looks like, what it smells like, what it feels like, and what it sounds like. Immerse yourself in this space. Imagine the sunlight beaming down on you, warming you and letting you glow within. This sun radiates positive, happy energy onto you. Let your negative energy flow down through your feet, and allow the earth to transmute this energy.
  • After you have let go of the negative energy, create a shield of light, joy, and happiness. You can do this by thinking back to a time when you were a young child, free of worry and filled with curiosity and laughter. Think of a truly joyful experience from your childhood, remembering sounds, sights, and smells from this memory.
  • Invite the people you love into this peaceful space and share feelings of joy and happiness with them. Imagine sunshine and happiness washing over them, taking away any physical or emotional pain.
  • Invite people you feel neutral into this space and also share feelings of joy and happiness with them. Again, imagine that there is a positive light healing their pain. Do this for the people that irk you, as well as the people who have harmed you. Share that joy and happiness with everyone.

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