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Open Your Heart to Change

In life, if there is any certainty at all, it’s that things are always changing. It’s challenging when we want stability, and yet, everything seems to be continuously shifting around us. As creatures of habit, it can be difficult and sometimes even painful to endure changes. However, it is important to move forward with whatever the universe throws at you. When you open your heart to change, you will experience more;


Strength is the ability to withstand a great force. Growing and healing mean that change is inevitable and in order to build your strength, you need to move towards what scares you. When you avoid what triggers you, you increase the resistance and overall fear. To get rid of your fears you must face them until they run out of power. Opening yourself up to change will build your strength because you are able to prove that you can face your fears, withstand adversity, and overcome it.


Resilience is your capacity to bounce back after life throws a curveball at you. Most of us want life to be smooth-sailing, with no added stress. Without experiencing some sort of challenge, our bones become weak. The more change we accept into our lives, the better prepared we become, and the quicker we can recover from any damage it may cause. When we panic and avoid these changes, we are doing ourselves a disservice. When you open yourself up to change, you are building that resilience. Start with small changes, like ordering something new at the Thai restaurant, and you will see how resilient you really are.


Once you open yourself up to change, your confidence will skyrocket because you prove to yourself that you can take care of yourself during big transitions. Just being willing to examine our current behaviors and patterns while being open to changing them is self-care. This builds more and more trust and self-confidence.

When experiencing a lot of adjustments in your life, if you feel like you’re losing pieces of yourself along the way, just remember that what you are shedding is what you are outgrowing. You can release and move forward, with a healthier and more vibrant approach to life.

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