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Balance is Not an Achieved State…

It is ever shifting.

I grew-up in the mountains of Idaho, so I am going to give a snowboarding analogy; however, this can be easily translated to surfing or longboarding which are staples in this paradisal climate. While snowboarding, I didn’t find one position atop the board and stay there. With every variation in the terrain, I had to alter my balance by flexing a hamstring or lowering a shoulder. After years, this can became second nature and I didn’t have to think about the many components that went into balancing. At first though, it was painful and full of falls and bruises (and some more expensive doctor’s visits).

What would you include in your Personal Wellness Plan to practice an “ever shifting balance”?

Perhaps you want to re-evaluate your Personal Wellness Plan quarterly or whenever you feel a major shift in the “terrain” of life. A good starting point is to begin each day by asking yourself, “What does Wellness mean for me today?” and let that guide your actions and interactions from moment to movement.


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Dayna Wood, EdS, REAT

Dayna is the founder of Integrative Counsel, where she shows stressed out professionals how to reignite their creativity and spark new meaning and adventure in their lives through the power of brain science.


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