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Beyond Black & White

Judging ourselves. Others. It’s true. We all do it. A lot.

“That person is beautiful”.

“That person is mean”.

“I’m not good looking enough, rich enough or thin enough”.

“I’m right and you’re wrong”.

We can all relate to having these judgements and with little awareness find ourselves literally stuck in these belief systems/thought patterns. After all, we live in a society that’s built on laws, rules and many aspects of our lives are often seen as either black or white.

As you know from the recent blogs, there is a place for judgement in our thought process and our left brain sees to it that we understand things in that manner. There is a purpose for rules in society, for sure.

However, the real problem comes when we judge everything through a lens of black and white. These extreme outlooks can be a major cause for our discomfort and unbalance. Often the thought patterns aren’t factual, yet we treat everything is as if they are.

Learning to live more in the “gray” or in non-judgment can help us have a more healthy and balanced perspective. As a result, you can ease a lot of “extreme” stress, fear and sadness. It’s true.

So you ask: where and how can we access this place of gray thought and dichotomous perspective that brings us bliss? Our right brain. And the practice of mindfulness can help you access this powerful source in your right brain and bring you more balance, peace and contentment.

You will also find life more expansive and less limiting when you can think: “I’m right and so are you.” Or “there is a bigger picture than the specific problem I’m facing.” For me, this has been particularly helpful in my relationships. Both the relationship with myself and my relationships with others.


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  Jennifer Carey EdS, LMHC

Jennifer Carey Ed.S., LMHC

Jennifer has been teaching and counseling individuals and groups for over a decade. Her counseling background combined with certificate as a Reiki Master Practitioner provides a strong foundation in helping others learn, heal and grow through mindfulness practices.

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