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Anxiety Relief, Therapeutic Activities

July 20, 2023

21 intentions to ease your anxiety

21 Intentions To Ease Your Anxiety

Can intention setting help with anxiety? Anxiety is a naturally occurring feature of the human brain, and therefore unavoidable. No matter how much we negotiate, and no matter how well we set up our lives, there will be times where we feel anxious and we have to cope with it. While we cannot successfully run […]

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Mindfulness and Wellness, Relationships

November 28, 2022

5 tips to authentically survive your next family gathering

5 Tips To Authentically Survive Your Next Family Gathering

Reuniting with our families can be a test of everything we learn in therapy. Yet it seems that family gatherings often leave us wanting to return to our old habits, and forgo using our toolkit altogether. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. It is possible to have positive interactions with our families while […]

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Anxiety Relief

September 30, 2022

calming your nervous system

Calming Your Nervous System

Calming your nervous system can be challenging. It takes focus, dedication, and practice to learn how, which is why many go their whole lives without it. But if we want to work out a balanced, healthy, and happy life, calming your nervous system is a vital piece of the equation. If you are learning how […]

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Anxiety Relief, Burnout, Depression Relief

August 25, 2022

Work Stress? Try This.

Work stress, when left untreated, can be all-consuming and completely overwhelming. So many of us are battling depression and anxiety because we don’t have the tools to manage stress from work. What are you supposed to do when you are experiencing work stress but you aren’t in a position to quit your job? Try these […]

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Brain Science, Mindfulness and Wellness

August 4, 2022

My Anxiety Is Worse At Night

Is your anxiety worse at night? You’re trying to fall asleep, but you’re ruminating. If you’re stressed out during the day, you’re now exhausted and sleep deprived by nighttime, which only further impacts your anxiety. Even when you aren’t actively experiencing a stressful situation, the triggers you experience throughout the day are taxing to your […]

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Anxiety Relief, DBT

July 13, 2022

Change Your Thoughts: Catastrophizing

Is your brain catastrophizing? Do you have a tendency to assume the worst-case scenario and believe things are much worse than they actually are? Do you notice your mind twisting information and turning it into a crisis? This can be a result of a traumatic event that reinforced negative beliefs about yourself and the world […]

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Anxiety Relief

June 1, 2022

How to Manage Random Bouts of Anxiety

Anxiety comes in waves that can crash upon your shore just as quickly as they recede into the horizon. It can muddle your perception, cloud your judgment, and interrupt even the most meticulous of plans. Bouts of anxiety can appear to come from nowhere, and it’s not always easy to recognize your triggers. We all […]

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Anxiety Relief

February 3, 2022

5 Tools for Calming Anxiety

Do you ever feel overwhelmed  by anxiety? Is it difficult for you to stop the loop of negative thought patterns? This is a difficult spot to be in, and living with anxiety can be a major challenge that can impact many areas of your life. In order to manage your anxiety, you’ll need to have […]

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Anxiety Relief

November 9, 2021

sunrise morning anxiety

How To Calm Yourself When You Have Morning Anxiety

Do you find that your anxiety is worse in the mornings? This is because your cortisol levels are higher in the morning, because your body uses this hormone to wake you up. It also has to do with low blood sugar. You haven’t eaten anything all night, and your body is in starvation mode and […]

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Anxiety Relief, Depression Relief, Mindfulness and Wellness

September 22, 2021

sunflower blooming

Be Gentle with Yourself

Are you stuck in a cycle of self-criticism? Do you have constant negative, internal thoughts about yourself? Do you beat yourself up when you make mistakes? Having unrealistic expectations of yourself is a form of self-betrayal because you are setting yourself up for failure. This gets you stuck because you immediately cling to the idea […]

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