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5 Creative Ways to DIY Mental Wellness






Therapeutic Activities

Mindfulness and Wellness, Self Care, Therapeutic Activities

February 8, 2024

5 Ways To Self-Soothe With Scent

Can You Self-Soothe With Smell? It’s a simple question, but when you’re really going through it emotionally, it’s not one that we always have the capacity to answer. That’s why we’ve got you covered with examples, exercises, and the science that backs it all up. Your sense of smell can be a powerful tool for […]

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Mindfulness and Wellness, Self Care, Therapeutic Activities

February 1, 2024

5 Most Peaceful Spots In St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is a great city to live in, but it’s a big place and it’s only getting bigger. The roads are getting busier, the beaches are getting crowded, and your landlord is going to add at least $200 a month to your expenses when you next renew your lease. A genuine sense of peace […]

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Therapeutic Activities

Depression Relief, Therapeutic Activities

January 18, 2024

how to fight seasonal depression

How to Fight Seasonal Depression

The air is so cold and dry that it leaves your lips raw and chapped in the wind. The leaves have withered in the branches of your favorite tree. Even getting out of bed is a battle between the instinct to stay warm, and the necessity of doing crazy little things like working, eating, or […]

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Mindfulness and Wellness, Therapeutic Activities, Uncategorized

January 18, 2022

5 Ways To Honor Your Inner Child

A long time ago (longer for some of us than others), we were all children under the responsibility of our caretakers. Throughout adolescence, we are conditioned (by ourselves, but also the world around us) to draw a line in the sand between our forming adult personas, and the child we were in our youth, even […]

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Therapeutic Activities

Anxiety Relief, Art Therapy, Therapeutic Activities

May 5, 2020

How to Reduce Stress with Creative Writing

Lately, it feels as if there is this uncomfortable, worried energy that surrounds us. It affects us even when we aren’t at our most vulnerable, and it can be hard to move past that anxiety and worry without the proper tools. Reduce stress with creative writing! Getting creative and writing about your feelings is one […]

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5 Creative Ways to DIY Mental Wellness

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