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Art Therapy & Therapeutic Activities
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5 Creative Ways to DIY Mental Wellness






Therapeutic Activities

Art Therapy, Mindfulness and Wellness, Therapeutic Activities

May 2, 2024

4 DIY Therapeutic Activities For May

This article offers a variety of unique activities you can do in between actual therapy sessions to get you out of your comfort zone and improve your mental health, whether you crave sunshine or yearn to revisit a past artistic endeavor. By engaging with your life in these ways throughout the week, you can solidify […]

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Art Therapy, Therapeutic Activities

April 12, 2024

4 DIY Art Therapy Activities For Spring

These DIY spring art therapy activities can be just the boost you need after a long winter. April is finally here, and that means an end to the bitter cold we’ve all been tolerating for the past few months. But waving goodbye to the chill also means accepting the oncoming heat. With winter behind us, […]

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Therapeutic Activities

Art Therapy, Body-Informed Wisdom, Therapeutic Activities

February 29, 2024

Why Expansive Therapies Work

Expansive therapies encompass a variety of therapeutic approaches that aim to address mental health concerns through innovative and often holistic methods. If you or a loved one haven’t experienced expansive therapies before, it’s natural to wonder how and why they work. Art therapy, somatic therapy, and ketamine assisted psychotherapy can and have changed the lives […]

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Art Therapy, Therapeutic Activities

February 22, 2024

4 DIY Therapeutic Activities For February

How Can I Do Art Therapy On My Own? This February, we invite you to do some therapeutic activities with no appointments required. One of the great things about art therapy is that it doesn’t have to stop when the appointment ends. When you have a strong prompt, and the tools to self-analyze, the therapeutic […]

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Therapeutic Activities

Mindfulness and Wellness, Self Care, Therapeutic Activities

February 8, 2024

5 Ways To Self-Soothe With Scent

Can You Self-Soothe With Smell? Do you self-soothe with scent? It’s a simple question, but when you’re really going through it emotionally, it’s not one that we always have the capacity to answer. That’s why we’ve got you covered with examples, exercises, and the science that backs it all up. Your sense of smell can […]

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Mindfulness and Wellness, Self Care, Therapeutic Activities

February 1, 2024

5 Most Peaceful Spots In St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is a great city to live in, but it’s a big place and it’s only getting bigger. The roads are getting busier, the beaches are getting crowded, and your landlord is going to add at least $200 a month to your expenses when you next renew your lease. A genuine sense of peace […]

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Therapeutic Activities

Depression Relief, Therapeutic Activities

January 18, 2024

how to fight seasonal depression

How to Fight Seasonal Depression

The air is so cold and dry that it leaves your lips raw and chapped in the wind. The leaves have withered in the branches of your favorite tree. Even getting out of bed is a battle between the instinct to stay warm, and the necessity of doing crazy little things like working, eating, or […]

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Art Therapy, Therapeutic Activities

November 30, 2023

How to do art therapy in St Petersburg, FL

How to Do Art Therapy in St Petersburg, FL

Art therapy in St Petersburg FL can change your life. But even if we’re seeking out therapeutic artistry, it can be hard to find, and even harder to gauge the value of. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We’ve put together some of the best options in the Tampa Bay area for doing art therapy […]

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Therapeutic Activities

Therapeutic Activities

August 21, 2023

a humorous approach to mental health

A Humorous Approach to Mental Health

Are you struggling with a mental illness? Or are you really good at it? With jokes like that, we don’t have to be so serious when going through our mental health struggles. Many of us are serious because what we’re going through feels serious, and we need help coping. Either your therapist or even Pinterest […]

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Anxiety Relief, Therapeutic Activities

July 20, 2023

21 intentions to ease your anxiety

21 Intentions To Ease Your Anxiety

Can intention setting help with anxiety? Anxiety is a naturally occurring feature of the human brain, and therefore unavoidable. No matter how much we negotiate, and no matter how well we set up our lives, there will be times where we feel anxious and we have to cope with it. While we cannot successfully run […]

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5 Creative Ways to DIY Mental Wellness

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