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The Benefits of Full Body Wisdom

Full body wellness is the often elusive state of having both mental and physical vitality. We may categorize these two distinct types of wellness as being independent of one another, but the truth is that they’re more intertwined than we realize. The connection between the mind and the body is a powerful thing, but to tap into that power, we have to learn how. In order to understand the complex signals of our bodies, we must learn the language our body speaks to us with. Inquisitive souls can study the language of our bodies by embarking on a journey of somatic therapy.

“If you listen to your body when it whispers, you won’t have to hear it scream.” – Cherokee Proverb

What’s The Benefit Of Full Body Wellness?

By taking the time to listen to the signals of both your mind and body, you are being your own responsible caretaker. The benefits of having a responsible caretaker are too numerous to name in full, so here’s just a few of them: 

  • Reduction Of Physical Symptoms. Oftentimes our emotional problems can cause physical pain in our bodies. By doing the work and acknowledging both your physiological and psychological needs, many are able to lessen the impact and amount of their physical symptoms. Somatic therapy can unlock the anguish that’s trapped in your mind and body by treating both.
  • Emotional Regulation. The pain in our bodies can cause us great grief. To the point that it’s hard to say how much of the pain we suffer in our minds is a response to the pain we suffer in our bodies. Somatic therapies can teach you effective skills of emotional regulation to soothe the aching of your heart and mind. 
  • Processing Trauma. Trauma often leads to the formation of implicit memories; memories that are stored unconsciously and may not be accessible through talk therapy alone. Somatic therapy can help clients access and process these implicit memories by working with bodily sensations and movements. By providing care for both our minds and bodies, we can come to terms with the shadowy pain that’s been stored there. Our practitioner, Lauren, is an expert in helping individuals develop a compassionate and trauma-informed relationship with their body, allowing them to connect with themselves on a deeper level. 

Can Somatic Therapy Help Treat Trauma? 

Somatic therapy acknowledges that trauma is not just a psychological issue, it’s something that lives within our body. By working with the body, clients can gain a deeper understanding of the physical sensations and reactions associated with their traumatic experiences. This helps individuals reconnect with their bodies and their emotions.

How Can I Get In Touch With My Body?

“Our bodies are our gardens, our wills are our gardeners.” – William Shakespeare

Your journey might begin with an appointment, but it keeps going long after you’ve handed them your co-pay out in the lobby. There are a number of ways to integrate the wisdom of somatic therapy into your life, not just attending an appointment. Here are a few of them: 

  • Befriending Your Body. Treating your body well isn’t just a matter of taking it to the doctor every so often. To live a life in touch with your body, you must treat it with kindness and respect. By holding love and acceptance for yourself, you can begin to exist comfortably in your own body and mind. 
  • Explore Your Emotions Through Movement. It’s simple, easy, and absolutely no fun whatsoever to get stuck on an emotion, especially a difficult or uncomfortable one. All too often the discomforted energy of these emotions gets lodged in our bodies, not often enough are they shaken free through the power of movement. 
  • Learn About Somatic Therapy Techniques. We have quite a few articles about somatic therapy and mind-body connection on the site (including that one), but the best way to learn the techniques of somatic therapy is from an expert, and we at Integrative Counsel would love to introduce you to them. Our practitioners are passionate about helping people connect with their body-informed wisdom. Michael Anthony will help you connect with  your body using the wisdom from Martial Arts, while Lauren Mishkin  specializes in helping individuals with complex trauma release the built up tension in their body.

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