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Art Therapy & Therapeutic Activities
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Art Therapy

September 28, 2023

the busy person's guide to making time for art

The Busy Person’s Guide To Making Time For Art

Making time for art is no small order in the hustle and bustle of our busy lives. The benefits of making art are numerous, but when we’re occupied by our daily responsibilities, it’s all too easy to let art fall by the wayside. Making the time for art can transform our relationship to ourselves, and […]

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Creativity and Innovation, Uncategorized

August 17, 2023

How to be creative even when you’re anxious

How to Be Creative (Even When You’re Anxious)

Creativity can be easy to chase, but hard to capture, especially when you’re feeling anxious. When we’re worried, our productivity is bound to take a dip, and this can have a multiplicative effect on our anxiety. We cannot work because we feel so anxious, but we are only so anxious because we cannot work. Anxiety […]

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Art Therapy

November 10, 2022

can i do art therapy myself?

Can I Do Art Therapy Myself?

Can I do art therapy myself? It’s a valid question. After all, there are trained professionals who study for years just to learn how to do it, and rightfully so. Art therapy is a complex process that takes a lifetime of study and practice to truly master, but its principles can be put into place […]

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Art Therapy

October 6, 2022

use art to be in the now

Use Art To Be In The Now

Use art to be in the now. If we want to be fully in touch with our creativity, developing our sense of mindfulness is a necessity. There is a pervasive and powerful myth around artists that we are hopeless dreamers lost without a clue in the beautiful labyrinth of our own minds. In order to […]

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Art Therapy, Creativity and Innovation

February 23, 2022

a swirl of blue color

6 Reasons to Get Creative

It’s simple enough to preach the virtues of creativity, but another thing entirely to put them into practice. Circumstance often disconnects us from our creativity, and without instinctual knowledge on how to return to it. Fortunately, there are plenty of motives for getting in touch with your creative side. Here are 6 reasons  to get […]

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Change, The Creative Process

May 26, 2021

Therapy Won’t Kill Your Creativity

As an artist with mental illness, I’m always fascinated by what other artists have to say about their relationship with mental illness and therapy. Many artists have said really beautiful and inspirational things about their struggles with the stresses of creating under the duress of mental illness. In point of fact, I may not have […]

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Art Therapy, Depression Relief

April 16, 2021

Is Art Therapy Right For Me? (From Someone Who’s Tried It!)

“And when there is something so mindful and free about committing your emotions and imagination to imagery, how could I not continue?” My first experience with art therapy happened when I was eighteen years old. I have always had a desire to express myself through art, but my method of choice had been writing and […]

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Brain Science, Change, Creativity and Innovation, Integration

October 10, 2014

Creativity & the Brain

Why and how does creativity affect the brain? It feels different when we are in a “creative flow” and this is due to the structure of the brain. The brain is divided both vertically and horizontally. There are three distinct, but interconnected, hierarchies of the human brain that evolved overtime. They are 1) the brainstem […]

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