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Mindfulness and Wellness

November 3, 2022

focus on what you can control

Focus on What You Can Control

Those who pursue control are like Sisyphus rolling the boulder up the hill each day, only to watch it roll back down each night. You can hang on with dug-in nails and gritted teeth for as long as you want, but ultimately the bitter truth is that despite our best efforts, we can only control […]

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Brain Science, Neurodivergent

June 22, 2022

Am I Neurodivergent?

How can I figure out if I’m neurodivergent? What does it mean to be neurodivergent, and if I am, how does that affect my life? It used to be that conditions like autism, ADHD, or tourette’s syndrome were treated like debilitating illnesses, but our modern understanding of them is more complex. Neurodivergent people are just […]

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Your Journey

October 19, 2021

Your Journey: Finding a Mentor

We’re all the heroes of our own stories, but the heroes we admire in literature and on the screen find themselves undergoing spiritual and emotional transformations more often than they find themselves using the bathroom. If all of us are heroes, each going on a continuous, limitless, and recursive journey throughout the stages of our […]

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Anxiety Relief, Body-Informed Wisdom

August 25, 2021

How Do I Calm Myself Down When I Get Triggered?

A trigger is something that sets off a flashback to a traumatic event. Not everyone has the same triggers, however, it can cause intense fear and anxiety. Whenever you are triggered, it’s important to give yourself gentleness and compassion. Being harsh and rigid with yourself when you are moving through intense emotions only intensifies the […]

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Art Therapy, Brain Science

April 7, 2021

3 Big Ways Art Therapy Helps Your Brain

Art therapy is a powerful tool that goes far beyond mere artistic expression. By engaging the creative process, it can actually soothe and support your brain in profound ways. This isn’t just about creating masterpieces; it’s about harnessing the power of art to unlock a surprising wellspring of cognitive and emotional benefits. Let’s delve into […]

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Brain Science, Change, Integration

October 5, 2018

essential oils

Why I think essential oils are rad! Part I

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]I was an essential oil skeptic. I thought, “How in the world can smelling something pretty help me emotionally – let alone physically.” I went to one of those parties dead-set not to buy a thing. After trying them, I bought a set. Soon, I was staying up way too late to read about the […]

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Brain Science, Change, Integration, Mindfulness and Wellness, Retreats and Coaching

April 27, 2016

How Distracted Am I?

How Distracted Am I?

In modern Western society, we often find ourselves in a permanent state of unfulfilled desire. We are offered continuous distractions and stimulations that mimic reality, such as mass leisure, mass culture, and mass media. Constant intrusions and interruptions – now the norm in our culture – drive up stress, deplete mental and emotional reserves and […]

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Brain Science, Change, Mindfulness and Wellness, Retreats and Coaching

March 22, 2016

The Secret Revealed in 350 Words

The Secret, a film and best-selling book by Rhonda Byrne, is based on the Law of Attraction. One of the major tenets of The Secret is that positive thinking can create life-changing results, including increased happiness, wealth and improved health. Now, I’m all for changing our thinking. By becoming more mindful of our thoughts and […]

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