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Your Journey

February 2, 2023

what is a mental health journey

What Is A Mental Health Journey?

We talk about mental health journeys a whole lot around here. If you’re trying to make  improvements in your life, it’s impossible to avoid talking about your journey. Whether you’ve journeyed for years, or just started out, it can be a challenge to determine what you want, where you’re headed, and how to get there. […]

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Mindfulness and Wellness, Relationships

November 28, 2022

5 tips to authentically survive your next family gathering

5 Tips To Authentically Survive Your Next Family Gathering

Reuniting with our families can be a test of everything we learn in therapy. Yet it seems that family gatherings often leave us wanting to return to our old habits, and forgo using our toolkit altogether. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. It is possible to have positive interactions with our families while […]

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Anxiety Relief, Uncategorized

June 8, 2022

Is It Worth It To See A Therapist?

When you account for all the expenses, effort, and diligence required, going to therapy can seem like quite the herculean effort. Hercules, with all his strength, didn’t have to do it alone, and neither do you. Your journey was never meant to be traveled alone. It can be tempting to think that you don’t need […]

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Your Journey

March 1, 2022

Your Journey: Something’s Off

We’re all the heroes of our own stories, but the heroes we admire in literature and on the screen find themselves undergoing spiritual and emotional transformations more often than they find themselves using the bathroom. If all of us are heroes, each going on a continuous, limitless, and recursive journey throughout the stages of our […]

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Integration, Mindfulness and Wellness

September 8, 2021

Active Listening Tips (From A Therapist!)

Did you know that active listening increases well-being? Humans are hardwired for social interaction and connection. One of the many ways we connect with each other is through communication, and effective communication starts with active listening. What is active listening? Active listening is when you make a conscious effort to really hear what someone else […]

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Change, Integration, Mindfulness and Wellness, Retreats and Coaching

November 6, 2014

Mindfulness and Growth

As a counselor and art therapist, I am honored to work with people who are seeking greater happiness, improved health and well-being and more fulfilling relationships and careers. I often describe my job in the following way: I help people cultivate the optimal conditions for growth and healing to occur. While the conditions are unique […]

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5 Creative Ways to DIY Mental Wellness

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